Writing A Sound Economic Future With Christian Broda

Posted on August 8, 2015

There may be more glamorous professions out there than economics, but there’s no question that economists do important work. These are specialists who study resources in a society such as labor, raw materials, and equipment, and how these resources are used to provide goods and services for use in a society and how these goods and services are distributed. This research is used to make predictions about economic trends within a society and can affect energy consumption, farm prices, real estate markets, and inflation. There are different disciplines within the field of economics. Some work in economic theory, which means that devote much of their time to creating mathematical models that can be used as economic forecast tools. Others work as advisers. Some work in private industry providing economic advice and offering predictions to banks, businesses, and insurance companies. Government agencies on federal, state, and even local government levels are big employers of economists. Their work for government agencies includes everything from tracking the health of the American dollar abroad to observing labor practices in major cities.

While economists are generally not considered celebrities, the profession certainly offers well known and influential individuals. Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan is one of the most internationally famous economic advisers of the twentieth century. He has won a number of international awards and honors. Adam Smith was the 18th century’s “Father of Modern Economics”. His groundbreaking book Wealth Of Nations is considered the cornerstone of capitalism. And John Kenneth Galbraith was a popular Canadian economist who advised many world leaders in addition to writing a number of best sellers on economic topics.

Whether Christian Broda joins the above individuals on the Economists Walk Of Fame remains to be seen, but he has made some impressive inroads in his career. A native of Argentina, Broda received his undergraduate degree from that country’s Universidad de San Andres in 1997. Broda is a graduate of both the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Broda has also been employed at the University of Chicago as a economics professor, and while there published a prolific number of scholarly articles for both academic journals and newspapers. In addition to academic teaching and writing Broda has worked as a hedge fund manager for prominent financial firms such as Barclays and Lehman Brothers. He currently is managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. He recently has been in the news and on the lecture circuit as part of a debate on the health of the American dollar and its status in the global market, of which he is optimistic. Broda currently works and resides in Manhattan.

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