Why I’d Bet My Money on Herbalife in 2019

Posted on January 1, 2019

A few new options have recently emerged for investors in Herbalife Nutrition due to the company as a whole gaining a relatively fortuitous stock surge of 68.7% on a year-to-date basis compared with the industries decline of 0.1%. The volumes depicted double-digit growth in four out of the five markets for the second consecutive period.

Herbalife is a renowned weight management and general wellness company that is growing larger in market volume as well as global presence within key markets. Since it’s inception in 1980 the company has been at the forefront of health and wellness with their variety of different products and services. The company has been seeing steady increases in total volume since their first quarter and by the third quarter in 2018, total volume points increased 15% which exceeded management’s projections. This feat marks the company’s second highest volume point increase ever as well as the highest year-on-year volume points growth since 2012. Meanwhile Retail-Drug Stores Market saw a mild decrease in the first quarter followed by slow growth throw the following quarters.

The Herbalife product portfolio boasts an impressive arrangement of assets including targeted nutrition, weight management and energy, sports and fitness products which they continue to expand upon regularly. In their their quarter, the company introduced more than 58 products across 51 different countries as a result of their rapid growth. One of the most recent includes a High Protein Iced Coffee product, which is expected to be a healthier alternative to traditional coffee. Combined with their unique business model which allows for rapid expansion of their companies assets as well as opportunities for self-employment it’s no wonder the company has seen a great year. With trends continuing to grow within this market the past few decades, Herbalife appears to be on the right track for continued growth into the 2019 year. Read more about Herbalife on craft.co.

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