White Shark Media; Providing Online Marketing Strategies to Growing Entrepreneurs

Posted on November 11, 2017

The White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that is channeled towards offering online market solutions designed to suit small and medium-sized enterprises. The company began its operations in 2011, initiated by three Danish entrepreneurs who had high-tech rans in both online and offline marketing. They started the company with an ultimate goal of succeeding in the evolving SMBB market both in the US and Latin America. Since then, their dedication to offering outstanding products and fantastic services has been a priority.

One important scheme that turned out to be the winning strategy was the incorporation of both offshore and domestic presence, with fully bilingual and talented employees. They work together to bring every little idea into action, consequently offering certified concepts to their esteemed clients who have the advantage of benefitting from proven strategies instead of testing from scratch. The company that started as a mere boutique agency has massively grown and helped thousands of companies and institutions across America to grow their businesses through embracing online marketing techniques that complement their marketing tools.

White Shark Media also follows up on their clients’ marketing efforts. This ensures that the company provides full accountability of their clients on a monthly basis. They employ keyword-level call tracking which involves competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration, and proprietary reporting software.

The company is famed for falling under the bracket of among the fastest North America’s growing digital agencies. The Inc. Magazine ranked it among the top 5000 growing companies in America, appearing in the list for three consecutive years. The company is on a mission to ensure that its growth doubles by 2018 and equally putting in efforts to secure successful partnerships.

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