Vijay Eswaran; Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Posted on May 5, 2018

Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran founded the Asian company QNet in 1998. The multi-level marketing company has been formerly known as QI Limited, GoldQuest, and QuestNet. QNet is based off an e-commerce platform and, among other ventures, its business relies on products including consumer goods and health devices as well as services related to travel and education. QNet conducts business in over 30 countries with the majority of its sales coming from the African continent and India.

His philosophy

Vijay learned long ago that true leadership does not simply revolve around managing people and giving orders, a reason why he goes deeper. He believes that to provide the best customer service, a leader must first take value and care of the people in his organization. These principles are reflected in his team which in turn leads to a joyful experience for QNet customers. Sharing his values and making sure his team understands his vision has been a major key factor in his company’s success.

More on Vijay

Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960, in Penang, Malaysia. His mother was a teacher and his father a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. In his late teens, Vijay moved to Europe, where he completed a degree in Socioeconomics from the London School of Economics. Upon graduation, he relocated to America where he received an MBA from the Southern Illinois University (SIU). It was during his time as a student in SIU when began gaining interest in MLM related businesses and he soon returned to Malaysia, where QNet was born.

Eswaran has written several books including In the sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and Two Minutes from the Abyss. In these writings, he shares some of his knowledge as well as general life management skills that have positively affected his life. The same form of encouragement he provides in his books is shared in his love for motivational speaking, which he really enjoys doing. Sharing his knowledge is not the only thing he does for others as he also established the RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam charity.

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