Posted on March 18, 2019

Mike Nierenberg has been a household name in the financial sector and still is. He has served in renowned firms such as Bear Stearns which was once the fifth-largest investment bank and a fixture on Wall Street from the early 1920s. He has held quite a number of executive positions mainly in the mortgage and finance industry all through his career. Currently, Michael Nierenberg holds three key positions in a real estate firm known as New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael Nierenberg’s most notable affiliations

He was appointed to be board chairman in May 2016. Mike Nierenberg was already the chief executive officer and president three years prior. He was appointed to head global mortgages at Bank of America Merrill Lynch which he had been part of since 2008. Here, he was responsible for all sales and trading activities within the docket. This was before becoming the top executive at New Residential Investment Corp. Mr. Nierenberg had been affiliated with JP Morgan before heading to Merrill Lynch. In JP Morgan, he led the global securities division and was a member of a management committee of an investment bank.

One of Mr. Nierenberg’s longest affiliation periods is with Bear Stearns where he stayed for more than a decade. He worked with them for fourteen years which enabled him to steer up the leadership ladder and take on various senior leadership positions.

Mike was also the head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations and co-headed divisions of the likes of structured products and mortgage-backed securities trading. He was also a member of Bear Stearns’s board of directors for two years.

Mike Nierenberg has worked for Lehman Brothers. He worked with them for seven years before his departure to Bear Stearns. He particularly left a mark in this company as he helped shape and build its adjustable rate mortgage business.

Other affiliations

He is the managing director at Fortress. He is also affiliated with The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation which he chairs.


Mike Nierenberg has made and is still making an immense impact in the mortgage and financial world. He strives for recognition of the investment potential for excess mortgage servicing rights which many have ignored over the years.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.corporationwiki.com/p/ia2v9/michael-nierenberg