The OSI Group Acquisition Of Rose Packing Marks An Exciting New Chapter For Both Food Companies

Posted on June 15, 2019

In a major announcement coming out of the offices of Aurora, Illinois based food processing giant OSI Group, it has been revealed that the global food provisioner has now acquired full control of the Rose Packing Company based out of Barrington, Illinois. Rose is a company with a long and venerable history in the food processing industry and is known for producing an excellent line of pork products that range from loins and chops to breakfast sausages and hams, among many other best pork items. The company currently employs some 700 workers out of its Chicago, Illinois processing facility. Officials from OSI Group have confirmed that this acquisition is official and have also expressed how pleased they are to be able to add the processing strengths of Rose Packing Company to those of OSI Group.

OSI Group has worked hard over the years to become a global presence in the international food trade. The company has undertaken these types of acquisitions on many occasions as a sound strategy for growth. This recent acquisition is well in line with some of the acquisitions that OSI has recently made in its European market as well as its American market. Some recent acquisitions have included a new processing facility in Chicago along with the acquisitions of two major food processing operations in Europe. The acquisition of Rose Packing is the latest in the company’s recent growth plans.

Part of this recent announcement of the Rose Packing acquisition includes the statement that the primary management team at Rose will continue on in their roles as this transition occurs. Dwight Stielh is Rose’s CEO and he has commented on his excitement about the upcoming period of working alongside the leadership of OSI Group in order to do more great things in the top food industry business. This sentiment of excitement has been echoed by none other than OSI’s North American Senior VP Kevin Scott who has also commented on how complimentary the Rose Packing business model is to what OSI does. This move will mean that OSI gains an increased ability to serve the needs that its customers present to it. Click here.

James Dondero in the World of Finance

Posted on January 20, 2019

The businessman is one of the pioneers of Highland Capital Management and currently serves as the president. In the last three decades, he has gained a lot of experience in credit and equity markets. Some of the main products offered by the organization include institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, and REITs. James Dondero also serves as the chairman of NexBank Capital and CCS Medical, Inc. The other leadership positions that he holds include a board member of Jernigan Capital and MGM Holdings. In all his positions in different organizations, he has displayed good leadership skills and high performance.

James Dondero is passionate about giving back to society in different ways. Some of the main areas that he focuses on include education, veteran affairs, and public policy. He has been playing a crucial role in the management of Highland Capital Management since its establishment more than two decades ago. Within four years, he transformed Protective Life as its Chief Investment Officer, and this led to the growth of its net worth which was estimated at more than $2 billion. He worked at American Express for four years where he acted as a bond analyst and was later promoted to serve as a portfolio manager.

James Dondero’s got his first job in 1984 where he worked at JP Morgan as an analyst. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia and was one of the best graduates in his class. At the institution, he specialized in accounting and finance. He later enrolled for professional courses where he received certifications as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Managerial Accountant. Highland Capital Management manages bank loan assets with an estimated value of $13 billion and that makes it a global leader in the industry. Mr. Dondero starts his day early in the morning and engages in many activities to achieve his objectives.

Clayton Hutson the Brilliant Musician

Posted on October 10, 2018

Clayton Hutson is a Glendale, native of California and is currently working in Hollywood as a production assistant. He prefers working in the biz because it permits him to learn more as an actor. By actualizing the skills of performance, it is essential to know what production company wants, from audiences to showrunners as Clayton puts across. Hutson has been involved with scenes of music since his childhood. After long years of dedication and hard work, he has been able to transform his passion into a career. Hutson is an expert whereby he practices as a tour producer, stage manager, and a sound engineer.

In his career, he has worked with populists such as Hasley, Kid Rock, and Pink. Working with a lot of dedication, Clayton has been able to succeed in his day to day activities. He has ultimately been called to the altar of rock and roll. Prior to setting foot on his path, he has had some very good experience in live entertainment and tour production. He has successfully perfected his skills in every goings-on he got when he was employed in the big companies. One of his characteristics is taking risk whereby he felt he was competent enough to start his own production management company.

During the day, he engages in practices such as stage management which he does with a lot of passion. He cherishes adequate preparation to maximize productivity in addition to ensuring that he lessens chances of errors arising. Hutson envisions every idea of lighting, sounding, and designing on the stage. He likes to embrace any technological advancement that comes in the music industry so as to walk in the same level as other influential producers. Hutson does not believe in luck but puts trust in the philosophy of commitment to thrive and achieve his life goals. His iPhone has really assisted him to promote his services where he updates his posts on various social media areas with the objective of getting massive traffic. Clayton advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to be always hard working, and never to pay attention to minor issues. That will help them to produce top-notch quality stuff which is the goal of everyone in the sector.