Redefining Efficiency in Communication

Posted on August 06, 2019

For the last three decades, people have used email as a primary form of communication — and more importantly, as a tool to productivity. However, the platform is home to unwanted emails and more specifically, junk emails. In a 2010 report on work challenges, people mentioned junk emails and email subscriptions as some of the few productivity killers. This reality is part of many reasons why Unroll Me is currently one of the most trusted tools in the world of electric mails.

Unroll Me answers some of the issues raised in 2010 report on productivity killers. First, it is the first tool to place each of the email categories on a different folder — and therefore simplifying the process of reading. Important Emails — especially work-related and other similar types of emails — are grouped in one special folder. Unlike in the native apps where there a no particular order of receiving these emails, Unroll Me ensures that there is a certain schedule for receiving the emails.

The emailing tool also ensures that the email address owner views all subscriptions — on specific timelines. This approach is a game changer in the following ways. First, it helps one to reduce the number of times one check in the inbox. Reports have shown that screen time has increased over the years and the trend had affected productivity. Second, putting all the subscriptions on one folder is also ideal in ensuring one does not miss on a single subscription, especially in a world where junk emails are on the rise.


Unroll Me is also the best tool when dealing with unwanted emails — junk emails. According to technology experts, an average email account receives at least 70 junk emails in a week. This is a high number, especially for people who rely on emails as a form of communication. Fortunately, the platform treats junk emails different from the other categories of emails. In this case, they are separated from the other two categories and put in a separate folder. The main purpose of separating these two types of categories is to give the user better control of what to see and when to see.

Easier Email Management by the Use of Unroll Me

Posted on July 30, 2019

Unroll Me is a service that has an innovative and responsive web interface that works by having access to your inbox and synchronizing your messages to their servers while archiving others. Rakuten Intelligence, a company that is proficient in measurement related business involving e-commerce, famously owns it.

Unroll Me will do you right by managing your inbox in the sense that it assists you to get rid of your unwanted emails. However, essential emails get to remain in your inbox. With a single swipe, all your undesired emails and subscriptions are turned off for good, which is the most recognized feature of Unroll Me. Rakuten Intelligence has made it its primary focus to ensure that different companies understand how to run businesses by the provision of Unroll Me.

Unroll Me has a superb interface, and the fact that it can selectively choose which messages to get to your inbox is impressive. The services it renders offer an organized inbox resulting in the ease of use of your inbox platform on email. While Unroll Me has its advantages, it also has its cons where you may not get to neasily notice your new emails not until you read your email digest.

This pilling has been seen to cause problems in terms of confirming emails, important reset of passwords as well as a timely check of emails that are time conscious. However, this can be easily solved by clicking on the “all mail” section of the email to check for new messages. You can sign up for Unroll me using either your email address or other accounts that Unroll Me supports such as Google or Yahoo. More also, an important point to note is that the only language that is recommended is English.

There are three features in Unroll Me that is; “keep,” “rollup,” and “unsubscribe.” Clicking on the unsubscribe button ensures you don’t receive specific emails to your inbox or email digest. For the “rollup” section, you set it to either appear in grid or as a list. Subscriptions that you might want to appear here and can be set to be delivered to you at any specific time of the day. The “keep” section ensures that you retain all your necessary subscriptions and emails in your inbox.

Unroll me-Your surefire salient mail service

Posted on January 14, 2019

Unroll me is an email subscription administration service that aid users to manage their cluster emails. This service is easy and free way to end unwanted subscriptions and spamming emails and it helps you roll up the rest into an organized overview that gives your emails of your choice and satisfactions.

Unroll me uses approximately 52 technologies ranging from viewport Meta, mobile compatible and Google analytics. Why unroll me? Well, ever dreamed of having a service that keeps your email organized, clean and with a professional look? Unroll is a must have service if all you want is easy email subscription feeds that satisfies your needs while the rest get to the trash.

Unroll me serves you by giving excellent offers.

  • Assembling your inbox efficiently -Your inbox will be organized with your favorites subscriptions which gives you an easy eye to find what you want based on your priorities.

It offers your roll up, the organizational tool that helps you get covered .It is basically a newsletter you can collect and arrange for yourself.

  • Creates a folder with your name for easy access- Want to access your subscriptions individually? This service gives you that. Roll up creates for you an individual folder.

The biggest feature roll me offers is the ability to unsubscribe from lawful senders’ so that one’s inbox is less stressful.

Avoiding inbox overload is another feature roll me will offer to you. It will clean interfaces and give you the ability to have your senders’ messages delivered directly into your inbox.

How does your unroll me service do this to you? Let’s get down having a look over the options you get from this amazing email service.

Adds the subscription to your roll up- your inbox is organized making sure your important messages are compiled in a roll up folder.

  • Unsubscribe –Unroll me makes sure you’re subscribed to your senders’ of choice and unsubscribed from scams and senders’ you don’t need their newsletters.