Lessons From OSI Group President David McDonald’s Professional Success

Posted on January 07, 2018

David McDonald, has for quite some time now been OSI Group’s president, a global leading food processing company and is among the most successful business people of his time. During his early years, David McDonald had an interest in the agricultural sector particularly farming and though he rose from a humble background, he managed to develop his desire in agriculture through hard work and persistence. In 1983, he joined Lowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science later in 1987.

David McDonald started working at Chicago’s OSI industries soon after graduating from Lowa State university and within no time, his hard work, persistence and the ability to inject new ideas into the company saw him rise through the ranks and is now the president and COO of the company. He is an exceptional leader who has managed to mentor a lot of young professionals while others look up to him for his wise counsel. Today, he is a respected figure who has successfully led OSI Group through several expansion strategies. OSI group has over 50 facilities currently, that are spread throughout the world.

OSI group is operating eight facilities in China alone and has a mega processing plant in Henan province after a 2012 partnership with the DOYOO Group and aims to be China’s largest supplier of poultry products. OSI Group’s vision has managed to remain constant over the years with an objective to offer high quality products and ensuring that the company remains sustainable through entrenching a culture of ethics and a “can do it” attitude among its employees. This attitude makes it possible for the company’s employees to adapt to different working environments. Everyone who works for OSI group is usually encouraged to work hard and deliver beyond the customers expectations.

David McDonald encourages his employees to be patient and he attributes OSI Group’s success to various factors among them entering into dynamic partnerships that have seen the company succeed in leaps and bounds. He is an exceptional leader who has received awards and accolades for leading OSI Group to unprecedented growth.
OSI Group purchased Baho foods, a leading Dutch Manufacturer in 2016, a company that produces deli meats and convenient foods. According to McDonald the acquisition was an important step in ensuring that the company has a wider presence in Europe. He believes that even international companies can be local in a certain way. The company has presence in both the United States and China and is ranked position 58 among the largest private companies in the U.S by Forbes.

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