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Posted on June 6, 2018

To increase the productivity of an industry is a tough job especially for someone who has no experience in managerial skills and leadership. New investors should aspire to take the steps of most of the well-established philanthropists and CEO like Sheldon Lavin to make a significant improvement in production. Lavin is a determined industrial oriented businessman who purposes in creating business empires. The individual got born in the year 1932, and he underwent the University of Illinois to study accountant. Thereof, he joined the Northwest University where he majored in finance. Also, he undertook business studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Right after completing his studies, he established the Sheldon Lavin and Associate consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago. Thus, he worked as a consultant for more than fifteen years.

The Businessman qualifies in the handling of the financial operations in the large-scale industries to help them stick to higher production of food supplies. To support the operation, he notices the factors of production that can lead to the growth of the company. These variables are such as changing the technology, consumer satisfaction, and availability of resources. Lavin is not the kind of an entrepreneur who thinks that things can only turn out right if he does them himself. Therefore, he delegates duties to his workers. Thus, the workers can help in determining the areas of improvement in an industry hence he takes less research.

Apart from giving out the consultation on financial matters, Sheldon Lavin plays major roles in various industries to contribute his visionary leadership skills. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI industry. The individual joined the company in the year 1970, and he contributed to the many achievements of the firm. Recently, OSI Food Solution extended its production capacity of the processed beef, chicken, and pork products to more than 45,000 tons per year. Lavin is working on the odds of success for the industry in Europe and North America. In the year 2016 when the company acquired the Tyson Food Plant, the company showed the willingness to extend its services to North America.

OSI industry purchased Flagship in the year 2017 and made it the principal distributor of food in the UK. As the world ambassador in entrepreneurship, Sheldon Lavin uses the company’s funds to support the environmental sustainability practices. The philanthropist acts as the role model for numerous Millennial investors. Lavin is the primary contributor to various charity missions to help the less fortunate families in the world.

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