Sergey Petrossov is Bringing Private Jet Setting Lifestyle To More People

Posted on July 7, 2019

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov, founder and CEO of JetSmarter, saw a need in the private air transport industry and started an enterprise that has become the world’s largest private aviation community.

It started out as a realization from an inconvenience getting a private flight in South Florida with a friend back in 2009. Sergey was incredulous of how bureaucratic, time consuming and laborious it was just to charter a flight.

Sergey Petrossov saw an opportunity in 22,000 private flights a day with more than two-thirds of their seats vacant, available for anyone interested in purchasing. This started the digitization of charter flight, much like Uber as a transport network.

Today, Sergey has built JetSmarter into a company with a link to more than 3,200 aircraft from three continents the company makes available for it’s 670,000 registered users at any given time.

Registered users of JetSmarter download the app and become members at $4,950 annually to avail of these seats at a price far less than chartering jet aircraft since they’re paying only for the seats they desire.

The company’s data system framework delivers information on flight availability, the number of seats, flight details and price at any given time for anyone who needs to go practically anywhere in the world.

Sergey sees JetSmarter not so much as a more affordable alternative to private transport but as a more accessibly improved lifestyle choice of private flight. Clients of JetSmarter pay more for a better travel experience with the least hassle and stress. That may mean driving up to the aircraft on the tarmac or enjoying exclusive private passage through any airport for speed of boarding without lining up.

Sergey started JetSmarter in November 2012. He also co-founded distance learning application in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States called Federal System of Distance Education in 2009, making educational content accessible to millions of students.

Young serial entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov advises young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and in their mission, to persist in their path no matter what but also be adaptable. He has become a model for success today.

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