Rappers who were real life gangsters

Posted on January 1, 2017


The rap game is an extension of street life. As they say,”art imitates life”. But in the case of a few rappers, it turns out that their art was a worryingly accurate account of their everyday lives. Here’s two rappers who kept walking the walk, long after they could have stuck to talking.



The Old Dirt, madman of Bedford Stuyvesant


Old Dirty Bastard was one of the most famous rapper names, and of the charter members of the notorious Wu-Tang-Clan rap group. He developed a highly distinctive style that involved an almost Daffy-duck like lisp due to the grille of gold teeth he often wore. Here’s an example of his edgy, no-nonsense style on the Wu-Tang hit, “Shame”.

But Old Dirt, as he was known, was real, a little too real. In later years he was arrested multiple times for being a felon in possession of weapons and wearing a bullet proof vest. Even after achieving great financial success, he continued dealing crack and robbing people at gunpoint. At one point the millionaire, just a day after being shot multiple times in a robbery, was arrested for shoplifting a $50 pair of shoes. Upon booking, it was discovered he had $500 in his pocket.


Old Dirt was shot multiple times, including by police. He performed many concerts while a fugitive from the law. He was once arrested by a special case team at an autograph signing. An FIA request yielded an FBI file which implicated him in multiple murders as well as conducting an ongoing criminal drug conspiracy.


The Old Dirty Bastard was as real as it gets, even if now he joins a growing list of prominent rappers who died.

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