Vijay Eswaran; Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Posted on May 08, 2018

Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran founded the Asian company QNet in 1998. The multi-level marketing company has been formerly known as QI Limited, GoldQuest, and QuestNet. QNet is based off an e-commerce platform and, among other ventures, its business relies on products including consumer goods and health devices as well as services related to travel and education. QNet conducts business in over 30 countries with the majority of its sales coming from the African continent and India.

His philosophy

Vijay learned long ago that true leadership does not simply revolve around managing people and giving orders, a reason why he goes deeper. He believes that to provide the best customer service, a leader must first take value and care of the people in his organization. These principles are reflected in his team which in turn leads to a joyful experience for QNet customers. Sharing his values and making sure his team understands his vision has been a major key factor in his company’s success.

More on Vijay

Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960, in Penang, Malaysia. His mother was a teacher and his father a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. In his late teens, Vijay moved to Europe, where he completed a degree in Socioeconomics from the London School of Economics. Upon graduation, he relocated to America where he received an MBA from the Southern Illinois University (SIU). It was during his time as a student in SIU when began gaining interest in MLM related businesses and he soon returned to Malaysia, where QNet was born.

Eswaran has written several books including In the sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and Two Minutes from the Abyss. In these writings, he shares some of his knowledge as well as general life management skills that have positively affected his life. The same form of encouragement he provides in his books is shared in his love for motivational speaking, which he really enjoys doing. Sharing his knowledge is not the only thing he does for others as he also established the RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam charity.

How Nick Vertucci Started a Career in Real Estate

Posted on May 07, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert who is currently based in the United States. Although this businessman enjoys a lot of success at the moment, he has come from very humble backgrounds. This businessman has a very inspiring success story that motivates people coming from low income families to work hard so that they can enjoy the life they want at the end of the day. Nick Vertucci was once very poor, and sometimes he could not afford a decent meal for his family. Although it was so difficult to make ends meet in the start, the businessman was determined to have a great future, and he has made it in life despite the challenges he has faced on the way.

Nick Vertucci family was middle class. However, when his father passed away when he was at a critical stage of his life, he was forced to look for a way of livelihood when he was very young. The businessman realized that getting food and money for education was tough for their mother who was now the sole provider in the family. Nick felt that dropping from school was an ideal solution to the many problems the family was facing. Nick decided to look for a taxi so that he could assist his mother in running the family affairs.

During his 18th birthday, the businessman started a computer accessories business that managed to change his life around. The business did so well, and it offered the business an opportunity to marry and live the good life he had always wanted. This joy was short-lived because this business collapsed when Nick Vertucci had children to take care of. After a very difficult time, the renowned real estate investor met a friend who introduced him to real estate investments. The decision to venture into real estate was the best that he has ever done throughout his career life. The businessman has done quite well, and he has founded an organization that is called NV Real Estate. The real estate academy has only been performing well because of the great leadership it has been getting from Nick Vertucci.

David Giertz’s steps to early retirement

Posted on May 05, 2018

Being employed means living on the fast lane. An employee is constantly in a hurry, trying to beat time. He or she has little control over the work schedule and personal dreams come second after work. This is frustrating. Though employment puts food on the table, it hinders one from enjoying the fruits of labour. To get all these negatives out of the way, many consider retiring from employment early.

Early retirement promises enough time for the family and to pursue personal passions. The only challenge to is knowing how much to save before retirement. To ensure the money lasts, many people write down plans on how they will cut down expenses. Unfortunately, this is not realistic. Statistics show the expenses increase the first few years after retirement. Therefore, when considering the amount of money needed after retirement, use a higher budget.

David Giertz, a seasoned financial advisor gives three steps to ensuring you have enough to take you through retirement.

Save enough

Save as much as you can. Since expenses increase after retirement, make sure you save more than 15 times your annual income. A person following the normal retirement plan has to save 15 times more than their annual income. This means that a person retiring earlier has to save much more.

Choose a flexible retirement plan

Most insurance agencies will penalize clients who withdraw their retirement benefits earlier that the scheduled time. This will result in the retiree losing a huge sum of money. Retirement plans with minimum restrictions are the best. They allow their clients to withdraw their benefits anytime.


Saving money in investments is a wise decision. If chosen wisely, investments can give the retiree a regular income after retirement. This will prevent them from going broke and being forced to look for a job in old age. Therefore, when saving for retirement, divide the money into two. One portion should go into the retirement savings account and the other in buying stocks and bonds.

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He has worked as Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization president. Under his leadership, the organization moved from making 11 billion annually to making 17 billion. He is also a certified business coach by WABC.

The Chainsmokers Hot New Sound

Posted on May 03, 2018

Do you like to listen to music? Do you have a favorite artist or have a favorite band? Have you ever heard of The Chainsmokers? If you haven’t heard about this dynamic duo, then you must be living under a rock. The Chainsmokers has been on a tear over the past 24 months. The duo sounds completely different from anything else that’s on the market, and it produces a lot of dance tracks. In addition to that, the duo has thrown in some ballads for added balance. Just recently, this EDM-pop duo has introduced its brand new sound, and it has created plenty of chatter.

The two bandmates, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, has dropped their new single “Sick Boy,” and it’s tearing-up the charts. This track has a much darker tone than the duo is use to bringing, but it sounds really good. Taggart’s strong vocals seem to glide along perfectly with the silky smooth instrumentals, which are stronger in-depth. “Sick Boy” shows the evolution of the band and how each individual has grown since the band’s inception. Taggart once stated, “anger and frustration went into making this song.” Though the duo has been blessed with enormous success, there will always be some kind of backlash and criticism for any artist. Taggart feels like he, and his bandmate has been viewed as a caricature by certain music columnists. At times in the music business, it’s hard to get around projections, and it can be hard trying to explain otherwise.

This darker tone of music is really hitting home with the band’s huge fan-base. America seems to be in a dark place right about now and music can certainly provide a temporary escape. In the end, this chart-topping duo will continue to do what it has already done in the past and that’s by making hit records that straddles the fence.

Elysium Health Offers Solution for Cellular Health

Posted on April 30, 2018

Many people want to stay healthy. Now, there is an innovative new supplement designed to  support the health of every cell in your body. The supplement, developed by Elysium Health, is based on more than a quarter-century of aging research.

First of all, why is cellular health important? Many people are focused on the health of their heart, brain, or bones. However, the one thing that most people overlook is that every part of the body is made up of cells.

Elysium Health has introduced their new cellular health supplement known as Basis. The supplement works by increasing and sustaining the coenzyme found in every cell known as NAD+. This coenzyme is essential to the cellular functions such as DNA health, circadian rhythms, and energy creation. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline.

In a clinical trial for Basis conducted in 2016, participants who took the recommended dose of Basis over the course of several weeks saw their levels of NAD+ increase by an average of 40 percent.

Elysium Health is a consumer health company co-founded by  Dr. Leonard Guarente. He serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Elysium’s  goal is to create clinically-validated health products based on scientific and technological advancements.

Basis is available for sale on Elysium Health’s website for just $60 for an individual bottle, that is just $2 a day based on the recommended dose. Subscribe to the popular six-month program and you can reduce that cost to just $1.50 per day. A one-year subscription will bring that cost down to $1.32 a day.

Adam Milstein: Using Charity to Strengthen Ties between Israeli and America

Posted on April 30, 2018

Who is Adam Milstein?

Prominently known as a real estate investor and the managing partner at the famous Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein has shaped his career around real estate and philanthropy. He was born in Haifa, Israel where he spent most of his youthful years as well. Like any other toddler growing up, Milstein had dreams and aspirations to work as a prominent individual. Therefore in 1973, he became a huge contributor of the Yom Kippur War, serving at the Israeli Defense Force. Five years later (1978), Adam Milstein left the defense team to join Technion University where he majored in science and economics. In 1974, he married Gila Elgrably and sired two daughters with her. Soon after, he decided to leave Israel for America with the aim of providing the best for his family. In 1983, Milstein enrolled at the prestigious University of Southern Carolina where he earned a master’s degree in business administration. Immediately after graduating college, he delved into the real estate business.

Establishing a Career

Adam Milstein’s career revolved around real estate ventures and philanthropy. For starters, he joined Hager Pacific Properties, a company that owns alongside managing more than 100 properties in America. In his capacity as the managing partner, he streamlined various operations to accommodate the desires of his clients. To achieve that, here are some of the services Adam Milstein provided for his clients;

Charity Ventures

When it comes to philanthropy, Adam Milstein has carefully cemented his name in the sector. Well known for his generosity when handling various charity ventures, he closely works with his wife to make sure that their culture is upheld among their communities in America. Together, they own the Adam and Gila Family Foundation, established in 2000 with the sole purpose of maintaining a strong Jewish culture even in a foreign land. Additionally, the foundation’s primary objective is strengthening as well as advocating for the rights of the Jews.

The Overview of Leadership

Additionally, Milstein is the head cheerleader of IAC, an organization that builds a united as well as a well eng

  • Repositioning
  • Rehabilitation of offices
  • Acquisition of property
  • Disposition
  • Accounting
  • Financing

aged Israeli-American group. Being the largest organization of its kind, it is evident that Milstein is utilizing the organization’s resources in an effort his people. Other than that, he has carefully shaped his career around factors that affect most people in the world; mainly identity crisis and belonging to a particular community that brings meaning to an individual’s life.

Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties


Dr. David Samadi Says Hidden Household Chemicals Raise Cancer Risk

Posted on April 30, 2018

Researchers say anti-mold cleaners, deodorizing products, detergents to clean and disinfect the surfaces of the house can increase, even double the danger of the appearance of breast cancer in women. In a previous published article about hidden cancer agents, Dr. David Samadi, head of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital says there are known chemicals that increase the risk of several cancers, like lung and breast cancer. In many cases, frequent use of these household cleaners can be similar to smoking up to twenty cigarettes a day.

Many different forms, whether liquids or powder form are usually deemed safe, although there have already been many problems linked to their biodegradability and the presence of phosphates. Scientists say these products contain hazardous substances, and the many molecules increase the probability of a tumor.

While there is no ban, scientists warn that there is a need to intensify controls to better analyze chemicals. In his published article, Dr. David Samadi lists several chemicals, and product names that heavily use toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, like laundry detergent and air fresheners.

One such ingredient, Formaldehyde is produced in high quantities worldwide, and is found in many consumer products. Dr. Samadi says Formaldehyde is harmful to health, it irritates the mucous membranes and can cause cancer in the nasopharynx when it is inhaled. Scientists conclude that this chemical substance in the nasopharynx can trigger tumors when inhaled.

Formaldehyde is a colorless substance, has a germicidal, preserving and disinfecting effect and is found in many everyday products, like disinfectants, household cleaners, cosmetics, paints and varnishes. It’s also highly carcinogenic. This chemical is used in food, listed as an additive to preserve food. It’s prevalent in so many areas of our lives that it’s difficult not to avoid it.

One way to reduce contact with formaldehyde or other toxic home chemicals is by adorning the home with houseplants. Plants introduce more oxygen into the home while eliminating toxins and free radicals. Dr. Samadi says it’s also important to ventilate rooms. This will help to avoid the accumulation in the rooms of chemicals released by the use of detergents, solvents, glues, furniture, etc.

Dr. David Samadi is currently the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital and former Director of Urlogy at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He’s one of the best known urologist, voted “Top Doctor” and “Best Doctor” for over a decade. Dr. Samadi developed The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART). Using a minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery, Dr. Samadi modified the traditional open prostatectomy, which for years, used a different long incision, required a lengthy hospital stay, and took longer for patient recovery.

He’s authored more than 50 peer-reviewed medical papers, been honored with more than 30 awards, host a AM radio show and broadcasts Sunday Housecall, a medical informational segment that airs Sundays at 12:30 pm.

About Dr. David Samadi :

Glen Wakeman Shares a Forgotten Secret to Business Success

Posted on April 28, 2018

As the CEO and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into tangible, real-world plans. Having helped hundreds of businesses whose assets number in the billions, Glen is certainly no stranger to the big time.

However, Glen aims to up and coming entrepreneurs as well by offering his expertise in leadership development, strategy, capital markets, growth, and business transformation (

While Glen deservingly charges a premium for personal consultations and the like, he has also chosen to give back to the entrepreneurial community, and thus, he has become a mentor to many individuals who are hopeful to have their own run at business success.

Through his blog, Glen chronicles his business ventures, discussing emerging markets and international fiscal matters. He astutely writes about management, strategy, and administration, lending important knowledge to those who are eager to learn.

He also offers tips and blueprints for business success on his YouTube channel, and yes, all of this content is available for free. That’s pretty incredible considering that Glen has worked with and turned around businesses that are now worth billions of dollars.

With such an impressive resume, one would assume that Glen has achieved so much through hard work and perseverance, and although this is true, Glen himself is quick to point out that sometimes that doesn’t matter if you don’t have one thing; connections.

While working hard to move up in the world of business, it’s easy to forget everyone that you’ve met along the way. Glen suggests that an aspiring entrepreneur should stay in touch with every single friend and acquaintance; doing so might spell the difference between success and failure.


Glen advices entrepreneurs to not let time and distance separate themselves from others, and he recommends social media as a convenient way to stay connected to those who will be able to help, potentially with a substantial investment in the future.


Dr. Johanan Rand & Weight Loss

Posted on April 28, 2018

There is no getting around the fact that medical professionals are one of if not the most important professionals in any industry, Without the commitments and sacrifices that medical professionals make, the world would be vastly different and, not for the better. Simply put, all medical professionals deserve more acknowledgment than they get. With that said, one of the most excellent medical professionals of all time is none other than the accomplished Dr. Johanan Rand. Among the many medical areas and professions, Dr. Johanan Rand has made a name for himself as a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist. In simpler terms, Dr. Johanan Rand is in the business of using hormones in our bodies to help improve, alleviate, or correct any hormone imbalances that may occur in our lifetime. In reality, this is one of the more fascinating practices in all the medical community. In addition, the fact that Dr. Johanan Rand is incredibly brilliant when it comes to this type of therapy, also shows us that he must be well endowed in many other medical practices. This is why Dr. Johanan Rand has achieved so much, he is an incredibly gifted individual among other things. Nonetheless, Dr. Johanan Rand is more than proud to serve people in this amazing area. Here is one way he is contributing to the all-important weight loss situation that involves so many people.


More on Dr. Johanan Rand & His Contributions To Weight Loss

Out of the many topics Dr. Johanan Rand has supported in, his contributions to weight loss are certainly among his most recognized. When we think about it, how could it not be considering the number of people who are desperate for advancements in weight loss remedies? As for Dr. Johanan Rand and his efforts, in this case, we can see how he has been very effective in making strides in this area in an article on Dr. Johanan Rand and how he is changing metabolisms. As crazy as that sounds, Dr. Johanan Rand has concluded that by making a reset in an individuals metabolism, weight loss can be more prominent in their lives. Amazingly enough, this just goes to show how and why Dr. Johanan Rand is a respected professional in his field.


Be Creative with LimeCrime Cosmetics

Posted on April 26, 2018

Lime Crime is a brand of cosmetics, and it has been on the market since 2008. All of the products offered by the company or vegan.

Its founder and CEO, Doe Deere created the line, and she now has a large and loyal following of customers around the world. She saw a need in the cosmetic industry, and she filled that need with the product line offered at Lime Crime. The colors are true to their creative and colorful names.

The products are all natural, including a nette finish lipstick available in many shades. The shades include cupid, blackBerry, rosebud, rose goals, and more. LimeCrime is known for its stylish packaging, and the lipstick cases are unique. Their new Venus XL Palette consists of 18 shades of eyeshadow. The shadow colors are a mix of reds, pinks, and golds. It comes in a stylish pink case, and the product has become one of their best sellers.

LimeCrime and its founder Doe are committed to offering high quality products. They are vegan and cruelty free. There is no animal testing. The company has been certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

LimeCrime lip toppers are sold either individually, or in a bundle of popular colors. Customers can choose from the iridescent colors of fluke, golds, diamond crushers, choke, and unicorn. Doe calls her followers her unicorns.

Her group of unicorns is made up of both females and males, all with the desire to uniquely express themselves. The products are as creative and as stylish as Doe herself. Doe Deere is an innovative entrepreneur. She was born in Russia, in 1981.

She was raised in New York City, and she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied fashion design. She wanted to start her own business, and she left school to launch LimeCrime as a fashion and cosmetic company. Lime Crime maintains its headquarters in Los Angeles, the city in which Doe currently resides.