OSI Food Solutions: World leaders in providing quality products and services

Posted on July 7, 2019

OSI Group McDonalds is amongst the top 100 companies in the United States. The company believes that its employees are the major reason for the success of the company. They provide a challenging and success driven atmosphere in their organization which helps their employees to work hard for the success of the company. OSI Group McDonalds has been providing quality food products to its customers for a hundred years. This is the reason that they are leading in the industry and are known for innovation, dedication, and commitment of their diverse and inclusive workforce. They hire people across the globe and who have innovative ideas for the problems faced in their region and who can deliver services that no other company’s employees can.

They have focused on their employees more than on anything else. This is because they do not make any compromises on their services and the promises made to their customers. OSI Group McDonalds started their expansion in 1990 when they partnered with General Milling Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation to establish GenOSI in the Philippines to provide best and high quality food in the country. Then in 2002, OSI expanded in China and established its office in Beijing. In 1995, they also entered the Indian market and introduced its subsidiary by the name of Vista Processed Foods.

OSI Group McDonalds has been recognized on different platforms and has been awarded multiple times. In 2011, it was listed as the 136th largest food company in America by Forbes Magazine. Five years later, in 2016 it was listed as the 58th largest private firm with annual revenues of $3 billion. It has also won the Globe of the Honors award in 2016. OSI products include meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, fish, pork, poultry, vegetable and dough products. The recognition of the company and the quality of the products it has provided is the reason for its success. It has been a successful company since it was established and another major reason behind its success is its employees. The employees of OSI Group McDonalds are trained and have provided the best services to the customers.

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