NuoDB…Space and Time

Posted on August 8, 2017

Computers are our way in this day and age which makes our lives that much easier. This technology takes two major components, bandwidth and space for storage. What would happen if there was a way to improve on one that helps the other? NuoDB may have the answer many of us are searching for. NuoDB is database Technology Company that has been helping many other companies manage their operations. Their new SQL database profoundly called NewSQL may be the source many companies are in search for. This architecture works in the cloud and processes much faster. The key is how the program scale-out the data by sending the task to several processors to avoid delay. We have all been in a buffering situation and playing the waiting game with our devices at important times. This system is said to be able to process more than one million transactions per second. NuoDB expands its databases by adding more servers instead of hardware The next time you r data are slowly being retrieved from the cloud, think of NuoDB and their technological advancements. If you have not, it may be time to make that change and upgrade your cloud and data base.

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