Missouri Passes New Law That Forces Insurance Companies to Cover Eating Disorders

Posted on July 7, 2015
Many people that suffer from an eating disorder find that they cannot get insurance to pay for proper treatment for their disorder or are forced to leave treatment before they are ready due to poor insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that many insurers do not recognize the physical and mental issues and complications that are associated with an eating disorder. However, in Missouri those with eating disorders will finally receive the coverage they deserve after the Governor signed a new bill that outlines all of the eating disorder treatments that insurance providers have to offer coverage for in the state.

The law takes a look at medically necessary conditions and expands it to include all mental health treatments stated warrior forum. It also revises the way an eating disorder is diagnosed and treated by ensuring that weight is no longer the guideline by which someone is deemed qualified for treatment. Insurance companies have two years before they have to be in full compliance with the changes to the law. Prior to the law passing in the state many Missourians that suffered from eating disorders complained of the very high out of pocket premiums for treatment and the fact that treatment was often cut short which experts’ state leaves an individual at high risk for a relapse.

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