Market America Convention 2017 Was All About People

Posted on November 11, 2017

In recent international conventions, Market America Inc. discussed business. This included what markets are strong and weak, what markets are crashing, and what markets are going to explode. They also discussed how to develop new marketing strategies. However, Market American Convention 2017 was different.

Market America Convention 2017 was focused more on people than anything else. Instead of giving people a ton of information and sending them home, Market America wanted to draw information out of people and observe their emotions regarding business and marketing.

The speakers for Market America Convention 2017 touched on emotional issues like fundraising. They also addressed the fact people getting into business and marketing because of a desire not because of being pressured by family or because of monetary gain. Many people of the audience were quiet and listened. There were several hundred people there who did not speak English. These individuals were given translation devices for the duration of the convention.

Instead of just having speakers present regarding business and marketing, Market America Convention 2017 also had motivational speakers present, too. These individuals spoke about how people who get into the world of business and marketing must love what they do for a living and must give their heart to the business.

The convention has made Market America start a war on negative attitudes. Market America released a statement declaring that only people with a positive attitude should dive into the world of business and marketing. Regardless of educational background or years of experience, Market America believes a person with the wrong attitude will not be successful in the world of business or marketing. Marker America is putting together a course that will focus on having the right attitude for business. This course is expected to launch in the next few months, and it will be free to any past convention attendees.

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