Life Line Screening Offers an Alternative to Hospital-Based Health testing

Posted on July 7, 2017

The idea for Life Line Screening began in the retirement rich area of Florida. Its founders were Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips and the initial idea has expanded through the United States of America and into the United Kingdom. The company is privately run and its goal is to provide health testing reasonable price and has the added convenience of offering a modern equipped traveling facility. Its services are aimed at the general adult population in order to maintain wellness and discover conditions that could lead to life-threatening conditions. Its services are available for adults.
Since Life Line Screening founding in 1993 Life Line Screening has met with great success. From the original roots in retirement-rich Florida, the company has spread across the U.S. and made an incursion into the United Kingdom. The company has tested more than 500,000 people. In 2007 Life Line Screening began offering blood testing by the finger stick method. This has allowed the company to rapidly determine unhealthy levels for cholesterol and diabetes.
The United States of America has been embroiled in a contentious experiment with health care for the past nine years, and what has been adjudicated has come under vicious attack by the administration. There is fear that many people will now lose their coverage and that the federally funded Medicaid will be stripped of its ability to heal those persons without coverage or the means to pay for medical help. In this problematic state of health care, Life Line Screening offers an alternative and has a place in America. However, the company has moved into the United Kingdom where it has met with resistance from health care professionals from the country’s universal health care system who offer similar services for free.
Most people do not enjoy trips to the hospital for testing and examinations and would prefer these screenings to take place near their homes by competent individuals with the most modern and least invasive of testing equipment.

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