Jeremy Goldstein Emphasizes The Role of Non-Compensate Agreement In Protecting Businesses

Posted on July 7, 2019

Business owners and business executives alike are becoming more and more aware of the risks of not having a non-compete agreement. To make sure that your non-compete agreements are enforceable and protective, you need to have an expert-level and legal consultation service. Your lawyer can also counsel you concerning compensation that the courts would take as reasonable in case you are presenting a non-agreement to a present employee.


One of the lawyers in New York City who specializes in employment law is Jeremy Goldstein. He is very passionate when it comes to preserving the interests and rights of his clients. In fact, one of the specific services that he offers assistance with is that which concerns non-compete agreements. Also known as non-compete covenants or restrictive covenants, this kind of agreement is crafted to ensure that the employee’s rights and interests in particular situations are protected.


Without customized arrangements tailored to their distinct condition, employers run the risk of being exposed to unwanted risks. But, non-compete agreements must always be fair to employees’ welfare too. This kind of contract is made by an employment law firm at the hiring process and is presented to newly hired.


One of the most significant functions of a non-compete agreement is to stipulate the length of time former employees should wait before applying with a competing company or business or working in the industry within the named geographic location. There are several instances why employers limit the effect of competition from previous employees. For instance, employees may have access to proprietary formulae or business strategies or client that former employees could use to their advantage or profit from.


However, not all no-compete agreements are enforced by the court. Some of them are so restrictive that the court thinks the employee may fee coerced not to leave the company and stay employed. Therefore, a good lawyer should draft it or at least consulted to prepare a non-compete agreement that the court may deem reasonable for both parties. Jeremy Goldstein, a seasoned New York City lawyer is competent to do agreements such as this.


All through his career, he has been committed to employment law. Jeremy Goldstein earned his degree in law from New York University School of Law. Before that, he went to the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he finished with honors. He worked as an associate lawyer at a large law firm in New York.


He took care of large businesses including those in the Fortune 100 companies. He handled the legal transactions as well as the merger and acquisitions of different companies. This includes Duke Energy, Phillips Petroleum Company, MNBA Corporation, Merck, Miller Brewing Company, and Dow Chemical Company.


It was during this time when he handled the legal counsel for large companies where he realized that there were lots of issues common in the world of employment law that were prevalent that time including contract enforcement and conflict of interest. After several years of working and after careful planning, he established his own law firm in New York City, the Jeremy Goldstein, and Associates.


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