Healthcare Fund Being Launched By Highland Capital

Posted on August 8, 2017

Highland Capital has launched a healthcare fund which is worth $147m. It is being backed by South Korea National Pension Service, Shiwen Yap. Highland Capital Management has closed this private equity fund deal that is focused on healthcare. National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea will be the anchor investor for this private equity fund. NPS was incepted in 1988. Today its value is near $499.8 billion.


All those who are investing in the Highland Capital fund on healthcare have specific objectives in mind with regard to their returns. These include getting opportunities for co-investment. These will be managing their strategic objectives several countries that include Korea, and China besides the US.


Highland Capital will be working with Stonebridge Capital in Asia. This is a Korean private equity firm. It will be co-managing this fund. It is first private equity fund from Highland Capital in Asia, which is focused on healthcare. During the past two years, Asian investors have displayed a lot of interest in this sector. But most of these investments had been done on a direct basis or through the multi-purpose funds.


Highland Capital is excited about this new venture as the strategy of this fund has been aligned with its core capabilities. It will be based on the deep expertise of Highland Capital in the healthcare sector. In fact, healthcare happens to be the largest industry exposure of Highland Capital. Nearly half of their private equity is related to companies that deal in healthcare.


This fund will be primarily targeting the healthcare companies that are based in North America as well as Asia.


Highland Capital has already reported over $1.5 billion in healthcare assets by 2017. It spans across several asset classes along with fund structures. In the US, the healthcare industry is facing several disruptive forces which are affecting various companies in the middle market.


There are demographic changes in America as the elderly population is increasing. Besides, providing higher access in Asia to various healthcare services leads to much greater levels of utilization. This will lead to highly complex consumer demands as well as government demands too, on this sector.

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