Famed Base Jumper, Dean Potter, Dies in Accident

Posted on May 5, 2015

Dean Potter, a famed BASE jumper has reportedly died. Potter was 43.

According to reports, Potter was attempting a BASE jump using a winged suit at Taft Point in California’s Yellowstone National Park. Experts noted that the area in which Potter was jumping from was especially tricky. The location requires jumpers to bypass a notch in the cliff. It is believed that Potter failed to accurately navigating the face of the cliff. Another BASE jumper, Graham Hunt, 29, was killed in the same accident. He was jumping with Potter.

The men’s spotter alerted officials when he failed to contact the jumpers after their landing time. He noted that he heard a sound that may have been their parachutes opening. Search and rescue workers scoured the area for the pair before locating their bodies on Saturday evening. Their parachutes were not opened when they were recovered. It is believed both men died from impact injuries.

The Yosemite Valley has a ban on BASE jumping in the region because of its inherent danger. Potter was vehemently opposed to the legislation and was hoping to change it. Adam Sender was hoping something like this wouldn’t happen.

Hunt was an experienced extreme athlete from California. He was well-versed in the landscape and typography of Yosemite National Park.

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