Drinkers of Organo Coffee Live Longer Lives, Study Says

Posted on October 10, 2017

Many people cannot get through their day without at least one cup of coffee. What many of those people don’t know is that their daily cup of coffee is not only giving them much needed energy, but it is also giving them a longer life. According to studies published recently in the Annals of Internal Medicine, people who regularly drink coffee regardless of caffeine content generally have a reduced risk of death due to a number of lethal diseases like kidney disease and diabetes. 185,000 Americans were studied and it was found that those who consumed at least two cups a day had an 18% less chance of in comparison to those who did not.

Anyone who drinks coffee regularly will be quite strict with their coffee preferences. Organo Gold specializes in coffee and tea drinks that contain the special ingredient Ganoderma. This unique ingredient is what makes Organo Gold the top choice for coffee drinkers worldwide. Some of the products that Organo offers include gourmet black coffee, cafe mocha, cafe supreme, hot cocoa, and a variety of teas. The products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients that will enrich the health of anyone who drinks them on a regular basis.

This global network marketing company not only produces top quality coffee and tea, but the company also participates in charitable community efforts with the purpose of enriching minds and building bonds with people. Through its products and community outreach, Organo is improving communities all over the globe. Organo also has a lucrative compensation plan that gives independent distributors the chance to maximize their earning power while providing Organo products to a larger base of customers. All of this makes Organo a versatile company that changes lives.

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