David Giertz’s steps to early retirement

Posted on May 5, 2018

Being employed means living on the fast lane. An employee is constantly in a hurry, trying to beat time. He or she has little control over the work schedule and personal dreams come second after work. This is frustrating. Though employment puts food on the table, it hinders one from enjoying the fruits of labour. To get all these negatives out of the way, many consider retiring from employment early.

Early retirement promises enough time for the family and to pursue personal passions. The only challenge to is knowing how much to save before retirement. To ensure the money lasts, many people write down plans on how they will cut down expenses. Unfortunately, this is not realistic. Statistics show the expenses increase the first few years after retirement. Therefore, when considering the amount of money needed after retirement, use a higher budget.

David Giertz, a seasoned financial advisor gives three steps to ensuring you have enough to take you through retirement.

Save enough

Save as much as you can. Since expenses increase after retirement, make sure you save more than 15 times your annual income. A person following the normal retirement plan has to save 15 times more than their annual income. This means that a person retiring earlier has to save much more.

Choose a flexible retirement plan

Most insurance agencies will penalize clients who withdraw their retirement benefits earlier that the scheduled time. This will result in the retiree losing a huge sum of money. Retirement plans with minimum restrictions are the best. They allow their clients to withdraw their benefits anytime.


Saving money in investments is a wise decision. If chosen wisely, investments can give the retiree a regular income after retirement. This will prevent them from going broke and being forced to look for a job in old age. Therefore, when saving for retirement, divide the money into two. One portion should go into the retirement savings account and the other in buying stocks and bonds.

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He has worked as Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization president. Under his leadership, the organization moved from making 11 billion annually to making 17 billion. He is also a certified business coach by WABC.

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