Kim Dao Shows Off B-Day Presents In A New Tokyo Vlog

Posted on August 16, 2017

YouTuber Kim Dao loves sharing her experiences in Japan with viewers from around the world. Anyone who wants to go on an adventure in the city of Tokyo should really check out Kim Dao’s blog called, “Birthday fun & Shopping in Harajuku | KimDao in JAPAN.”


This vlog starts off with Kim Dao showing her fans the birthday gift she got from her manager. Kim’s boss gave her a box of Yokohama-themed Pikachu snacks filled with beans. He also gave Kim a handy trench coat. Learn more:


Once she’s done opening her gifts, Kim Dao talks about her itinerary for the day. First, Kim has to go to a meeting. After that, Kim Dao says she’s going to look for a few gifts for a friend’s birthday party. She also has to pack things for a trip to Singapore. Kim says she’ll hold a MeetUp by her hotel near the Marina Bay Sands once she gets to Singapore.


In the next shot, Kim Dao passes by Tokyo’s Shake Shack and plays “Pokémon Go” along the way. She says she’s desperately looking for a Charmander.


Kim Dao has an omelet with lasagna inside for dinner. She also does an accidental live stream on Livestar while in Harajuku. Lean more:


As Kim Dao walks home with Bronwyn (aka BiiBiiBeauty) she sees some clothing decorated with food items. At home, Kim Dao shows us the Lush bath bomb collection she bought for her friend’s birthday.


For a special bonus, Kim Dao decides to make takoyaki with Bronwyn. She shows us all the difficult prep work that goes into making this traditional Japanese dish. Learn more: