Bringing In The Holidays With Wengie

Posted on December 06, 2016

Make your own crystal stars that you can hang on your Christmas tree with the help of Wengie’s hacks for the holiday season. Bend a pipe cleaner into the shape of a star or any other shape that you want. Attach the shape to a Popsicle stick with a string. Add half a cup of Borax to two cups of boiling water. Mix until the Borax is melted before pouring into a mason jar. Hang the pipe cleaners inside. After six to 24 hours, crystals will begin to form on the cleaners.


Strawberries and whipped cream can be used to make cute Santas for any party or to enjoy at home. Cut the tip off of the strawberry, add cream between the berry and the top to make it look like a Santa face and hat. Add small buttons of cream and eyes with small chocolate chips. It might seem like storing wrapping paper is a headache, but if you use a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll on the outside of the paper, it will hold everything in place so that it doesn’t unroll.


Bend a clothes hangar into a circle to create a wreath. Untwist the ends of the hangar with pliers. Thread ornaments of all colors and sizes onto the wire, making a beautiful wreath to hang on the wall or on the door. Position the ornaments so that there are two rows instead of one as this will make the wreath look as full as possible.