NewsWatch TV Contour Design Review

Posted on June 07, 2018

Aren’t you tired of wired keyboards and mouses already? Does your hands cramps a lot and arms start aching when you notice you have been reaching too much? Maybe your wrist starts to hurt from typing uncomfortably. It could even be from moving your mouse from side to side throughout the day. Well say no more!

I recently watched a video on NewsWatchTv about a Contour Design gadget. The company is calling their new design the “Ultimate Workstation”. It consists of a keyboard and mouse that works together. I thought it was pretty cool. For one, everything is wireless… gets no better than that!

The mouse isn’t just any ordinary mouse that moves when your hand reaches for it and moves it. No, this mouse is literally attached to this keyboard and it just rolled with the touch of a finger. It is directly below the keyboard for easy access. The video says it takes a good amount of pressure off of your fingertips. For example, you are already typing a lot and then have to keep reaching the wired mouse to move it around the screen, left click, right click – you could imagine the amount of stress getting put on your fingers.

This new design has definitely earned its name. It is mighty ultimate if you ask me. You don’t see a lot of cool things like this on the market every day. The roller mouse and balance keyboard works perfectly together because it allows for the person using it to feel more relaxed. It also has a firm cushion for your hands or wrists to lay while you type. I would recommend a person that types a lot to buy this product. And plenty of people are already trying to figure out where they can get their own persoanl “Ultimate Workstation”. I might have to invest in this cool and trendy new gadget myself.