Julie Zuckerberg Picks the Right Financial Experts for the Job

Posted on May 15, 2017

Julie Zuckerberg’s main job is to make sure that she is picking someone who will work well with the global company that she currently works with. For the Deutsche Bank, the idea is to make sure that she picks a financial expert who knows what they are doing and who can make a difference in the way that the bank works. It is something that she has done for all of the companies that she worked with in the past and something that she continues to do for the Deutsche Bank. For Julie Zuckerberg, finding the right fit is more of a challenge and less of a job because she knows all of the right moves to make.


The many different strategies that companies like the Deutsche Bank use and other companies that she has worked for use include things that she has come up with. There are certain qualities that they look for in each of the people who they hope to do business with. They also want to make sure that they are able to find the right person who will be the best fit for the job and, for that reason, Julie wants to make sure that she is able to get all of the options that she needs from the business aspect of the options that she has.


When it comes to experience, Julie Zuckerberg definitely has it. Julie has worked for the Deutsche Bank the longest out of any of the other places that she worked during her career. Before working for the Deutsche Bank, though, she worked with New York Life Insurance. There, she learned more about being a recruiter in a different industry which gave her even more experience than she had. Prior to that, she worked with Citi and also with Hudson. Hudson was the first place that she worked out of college and was somewhere that she learned the most about the things that she was going to be able to do. It truly set her career off on the right foot.


In the future, Julie Zuckerberg hopes that she will be able to make sure that things are going to continue getting better for the company that she is a part of. She has worked hard to get where she is at with the Deutsche Bank and she knows that it would be impossible to back down now. She has brought in a lot of great new recruits who she has been able to help the right way. It has given her the chance at making sure that things will work better for her and for the different things that are going on.


As far as hobbies outside of work, Julie Zuckerberg enjoys doing “typical” New York activities. She likes to exercise and explore the city. She also likes to go to art galleries. She has a penchant for taking pictures and learning more about photography but she recognizes that it is still just a hobby for her and she is not a professional photographer.


Helane Morrison Leads the Way For Corporate Compliance Officers

Posted on January 12, 2016

Helane Morrison has become one of the most valuable resources of Hall Capital. She may also be one of the most prominent business leaders for the San Francisco area. She is currently a Compliance Officer that has been able to help Hall Capital grow as one the top investment firms on the West Coast. She keeps the company in check by making sure that business stays within the regulations that are in place for this investment firm.

Morrison performs inspections as the compliance officer of Hall Capital, and this is certainly a job that she was prepared for because she is former Regional Office Director for the SEC. She has essentially worked in the capacity of inspector. She has made sure that rules were not being broken, and this is a further extension of her career as a lawyer.

The interesting thing about Helane is that she continued to elevate and grow further into what she originally started in. She went to law school and she continued to find new and intriguing ways to uphold the law. Morrison has worked for a law firm before, but it appears that she has wanted more over the years. She wanted to explore other options and the Security and Exchange Commission welcomed Morrison aboard. It was with this organization that she built a strong foundation for investigation and litigation. Morrison would benefit from this as she moved on to another area in her life.

It was a bold move for Helane to move from an organization like the SEC into the corporate world, but this has worked quite well for her. Her background in investigation, and this makes her one of the best choices for a Compliance Director for Hall Capital. She has been linked to the company for several years, and she continues to play a big part in the way that this company has grown over the years.

Many females that are trying to burst through the corporate doors of America should look for inspiration from someone like Helane Morrison. She has decades of experience, and she has managed to secure some intricate roles within the organization that has made her a powerful businesswoman. She has spoken to females that also have the same passion for this type of work. She has motivated many women that inspire to become part of the corporate world. 

Read her hardhitting words of criticism for those who do not uphold ideals like integrity and honest that she found as the compliance officer assigned to their case. http://www.compliancebuilding.com/2012/05/03/a-new-era-of-fundraising-and-marketing/

Plus Sizes Lead to Plus Profits

Posted on April 16, 2015

Traditionally style dictates that beauty comes in sizes less than 10, but today over half of American women are size 14 or above. Plus size clothing has historically been one of the least served clothing groups, but it has one of the largest growing consumer bases in the fashion world. It has been sugested that women who are in plus sizes simply don’t care about how they dress; however, Susan Koger, co founder of modcloth.com says this simply isn’t so.

In a 2010 poll of the Dan Newlin userbase found that there was an overwhelming consensus among plus sized women that the reason they didn’t buy more clothing was that there were not enough plus sized options. Again in 2013 Koger conducted a survey of American women, and found the same results. With that in mind Koger started the task of creating a dedicated plus sized section on her website. In a recent interview with Buisness of Fashion she stated consumers who buy plus sized clothing tend to buy 20% more clothing in each order, and place up to 20% more orders than the average consumer. In addition, plus sized consumers were significantly more likely to share positive news of their purchases on social media. With the number of plus sized consumers continuing to grow year upon year, it only makes sense to cater to what is swiftly becoming the largest part of the fashion market.

Types Of Endometriosis Surgery: Is Your Doctor Certified?

Posted on February 26, 2015

New York City-based American super-doctor Tamer Seckin serves the nation as an advanced laparoscopic surgeon and gynecologist. He’s a board-certified medical professional who has established himself among the industry’s top performers. Thousands of women have undergone endometriosis surgery and other forms of the disease under Dr. Seckin’s care. He serves the LIJ/Lenox-Hill Hospital in New York. His specialty mainly lies in Deep-Laparoscopic Excision. He uses meticulous techniques in his practice. Dr. Seckin has had countless success in treating patients that have severe pelvic-pain and endometriosis. A vast percentage of his patients recover without a recurrence and have reported long-term relief. As an internationally recognized laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Seckin is a passionate philanthropic hero and educator.

In May 2012, the NY Times Magazine celebrated Dr. Seckin’s success for his body of work contributed to help a future generation lead healthier lives. He received the Ellis-Island Medal-of-honor for epitomizing professionalism in professional practice and as an advocate of philosophy. He’s traveled to different countries educating society of modern treatment to help spread awareness about endometriosis. He’s also a recipient of multiple awards, which includes a Patients-Choice Award (2006), Silver-Star-Award (June 2009) and the Best-Doctor Award (2011-2012).

Endometriosis Surgery has helped thousands of women. It’s a reliable treatment for anyone who’s suffering from severe pains and other symptoms of endometriosis. It’s possible to diagnose the affected areas and administer treatment. A specialist in endometriosis surgery generally diagnoses the developmental milestones and size of the overgrown tissue. This surgical method is irreversible and it increases a woman’s risk of infertility.

Women endure different symptoms of endometriosis. A practicing surgeon suggests treatment based on the severity of the disease. Sometimes the disease spread to delicate areas of the body or damage vital organs such as the fallopian tube or uterus. Laparoscopy is the preferred treatment if this occurs. A doctor usually suggests surgery if all else has failed. He’ll use a Laparoscope to inspect the said patient’s abdominal condition before treatment. If lesions and scars are present, he’ll use other surgical instruments or lasers to remove them. Surgeons usually exercise extreme care to avoid tissue damage. It’s recommended for women that are complaining about minor to moderate endometriosis-related pains.

Another treatment for endometriosis is Laparotomy. This technique involves removal or the uterus or endometriosis patches depending on the severity of the damage. A bilateral or hysterectomy is oftentimes necessary if the ovaries have been damaged. Even after undergoing invasive surgery to remove endometriosis lesions, some women encounter future problems. In other cases, patients have recovered without a recurrence.

Both Laparoscopy and Laparotomy are appropriate to minimize abdomen pain influenced by endometriosis. A surgeon will cut the pelvic nerves network to give a patient relief. LUNA (Laparoscopic uterine-nerve ablation) is another option. It’s recommended for serious conditions onset by endometriosis disorder. With this treatment, the surgeon in practice will sever the ligament nerves securing the uterus. Women should consult a qualified surgeon that specialize in Endometriosis Surgery to make sure he or she receives the best care.

New Study Finds That Exercise Can Change The Way Our Genes Behave

Posted on January 19, 2015

Exercise is attributed to many health benefits such as increased fitness, reduced stress and better mood. It also reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease which is good news for men who exercise like Tom Rothman. Yet the science behind the health benefits of exercise remains a mystery. How exactly does exercise impact our health? What is responsible for creating the health benefits of physical activities such as jogging? 

A new study that has been published in December of 2014 by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden may hold an answer to that question. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden recruited 23 young men and women to study the effects of exercise on the human body. At the beginning of the study, the researchers performed a series of physical and medical evaluations on the participants to gauge their current physical and medical conditions. Afterwards the scientists told the participants to exercise by pedaling on a spin bike for a period of 3 months. 

The catch in the study was that the 23 participants only pedaled using one foot for the entire 3 month period. This allowed the scientists to see what effect exercise had on the leg that was pedaling. It also allowed the researchers to compare the results of the foot that had been exercising to the foot that was not exercising. 

The results of the study shed some light onto why exercise makes us healthier and stronger. The leg that had been exercising had become stronger and more muscular as expected. Further analysis of the participants revealed that the leg that was pedaling experienced changes in methylation patterns in the genes of muscle cells. Methylation is the process by which methyl groups attach to the outside of a gene. The process of methylation impacts how genes respond to biological signals in the body. Most of the changes in methylation patterns occurred in genes that are known to play a role in the metabolism and inflammation of muscle cells. Meanwhile, methylation patterns in the other leg had not changed. 

Researchers believe that the changes in methylation patterns in muscle cells is what makes our bodies stronger and healthier after exercise.

15 Healthy Habits to Incorporate into your Life in your Twenties

Posted on December 04, 2014
For those in their twenties, there is a list of 15 healthy tips that will improve your life and allow you to prepare for the future.  Nobody wants to hit their 40s worn out and tired, but rather feeling energetic and looking healthy like Mark Ahn.

1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep so your body can rejuvenate itself.
2. Spend time outside everyday, walking, bicycling, playing with the kids, etc.
3. Spend time with your friends and loved ones in your social network. It builds confidence and trust.
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
5. Stop drinking soda, regular or diet, for so many reasons.
6. Stand and walk more; sit less. Take “standing breaks” if you are at a computer all day.
7. Drink water as a general rule.
8. Only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary, so you don’t build a resistance to them.
9. Be grateful and count your blessings. People who do are generally happier.
10. Have sex, and lots of it. Turns out, sex has a multitude of physical benefits.
11. If you must drink alcohol, do it in moderation.
12. Stay away from tanning beds.
13. Raise your heart rate at least five times a week for 30 minutes. You’ll feel better.
14. Don’t smoke cigarettes, and if you are smoking already – quit ASAP!
15. Life is short. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you forward.

More Bad News For Bill Cosby

Posted on November 20, 2014

There is more horrible news for Bill Cosby. I was looking over angel investor network Slow Ventures when I got this not-so-surprising news alert. NBC has recently cancelled a project they had planned with the comedian. This comes at a bad time since Netflix has also announced that they are postponing Cosby’s special “Bill Cosby 77”. There was no indication given as to when the show would be aired. These decisions are based off of allegations that have been brought forward by several women who claim Bill Cosby drugged up and sexually assaulted them. There have been no charges against Cosby for any of these alleged crimes.

All the negative attention on Cosby has increased over the last few days. Former supermodel Janice Dickinson claims he raped her after one of his Lake Tahoe shows in 1982. This news comes as a surprise to fans since these abusive events would have happened around the time of his popular sitcom “The Cosby Show” in the mid 1980’s.

Cosby has repeatedly maintained his innocence in the matter since the allegations started. His lawyer has stated that Bill Cosby “will not dignify decade-old, discredited claims of sexual abuse with a response”.

His loyal fans are waiting to see what comes of this. Although some believe that he is innocent, there are those who have lost respect for Bill Cosby. This media firestorm has already cost Cosby a lot, with several projects cancelled. If he is found to be guilty, it can affect the world’s view of The Cosby Show since he would have committed these crimes while filming the show.

Sterilization Campaign Failed in India

Posted on November 13, 2014

The recent decision by authorities in New Delhi to organize paid sterilization for Indian women failed badly.

According to the report at the moment 11 women have died and 62 others are in critical situations at the hospital. The sterilization camp Bilaspur rather injured than helped the women. The female adult population is paid 1,400 rupees to undergo the procedure ($23).

The sterilization program is meant to decrease the population. It is not required, but advised. In the meanwhile, Humans Right watch and health activists fight against the project by calling it unethical.

Besides being unnatural, the project is badly organized, and the sanitary conditions are miserable. During six hours on Saturday, a doctor and two assistants operated on 83 patients.

Kerry McBroom, Reproductive Rights Initiative director, explained that there’s an acute lack of safety measures taken during this procedure. Simple sanitation measures that are generally taken for granted in such matters, such as the washing of hands of the proper disposal of used medical tools, have been found to be extremely lacking.

The group has been urged to replace the actual project with contraception or vasectomies since they are far less dangerous. Cases like these, with women dying after sterilization, have happened in India before, but not in such great numbers at the same time.

Thanks to my friend Christian Broda for bringing this news article to my attention.