William Saito and What It Takes to be a Thriving Business Leader in the Tech Industry

Posted on July 05, 2018

The tech industry is such a difficult place to succeed because the competition is tough and it’s filled with talented, accomplished and street smart risk-takers who know how to play the game. It’s also hard to stay for long in such industry because changes come and go so fast. One example of such accomplished and acknowledged businessman and venture capitalist in the tech industry is the Japanese-American William Saito.


A good profile of William Saito may be most accurately described in an article from Cyberstability.org. It is officially stated there that William Saito is recently selected by Nikkei as part of its list of the Top 100 Most Influential People for Japan. Such acknowledgement is not only advantageous in the career of William Saito, but it’s also an official testament to his aspirant business dreams, as well as his authoritative way of running his ventures, including being the founder of InTecur. InTecur is a venture capital company that offers consultancy and innovative solutions in the field of tech for companies that need the right guidelines in leveraging tech for its business strategies.


William Saito has also successfully sold one of his businesses to Microsoft before moving to Tokyo in 2005 to start the aforementioned company. It is also relevant to say here that Saito is already an authority in biometric authentication, cybersecurity and encryption, which are the areas that his expertise has been recognized by Ernst and Young to be reason enough to grant Saito the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1998.


There’s also ample of interesting personal trivia and data about William Saito that people can read from his interview at Ideamensch. The transcript of the interview shared that since being an undergraduate, Saito has already helped a lot of projects, ventures and start-ups turn its founders’ dreams into a tangible reality. Saito went to the University of California at Riverside during his undergraduate years.


Saito also shared in the interview that a typical day in his work life involves working with a variety of people to address various problems that clients face. It is also the intention of Saito to always look for the most elegant and innovative solutions that would make the world a better place to live in. Ideamensch also revealed that the investment strategy of Mr. Saito involves taking advantage of the rapid changes and development in the global markets of the tech industry.