Cowboys We Love And Admire

Posted on March 17, 2017


There is just something about famous western actors and film productions.  Maybe it’s the horses, the bravery, or depravity, or maybe it is just those manly men riding horses while bravely saving the town. Depending on when you were born, your opinion of the best western movie stars may vary. However, there are a few icons that both men and women love to watch.

The first actor that comes to most minds is John Wayne. Born Marion Mitchell Morrison, “The Duke” stared in too many westerns to name, played with every leading lady of the day, and wormed his way into our hearts with his slow drawl. For many, he was the moral compass of the day. His characters were portrayed as no nonsense, but with a sense of humor.

Jimmy Maitland Stewart is another brilliant. Though he acted in all types of genres, his westerns were fast favorites. In almost everyone he was the strong silent type who fought for the side of right, his convictions never wavering. Wayne and Stewart can be seen together in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”


One of the most iconic old famous people, who still is active in the industry, is Sam Elliot. His face and his voice are widely recognized all over the world. Another one with the slow drawl, and that lopsided grin, Elliot is a favorite of women whether western fans or not. Known for his tall, thin, and wiry look which typifies the true cowpoke, he continues to wow fans even today.