Is A Superintelligent Artificial Being Now Being Built?

Posted on March 06, 2015

Anyone who has ever followed movies that involve cyberbeings knows that in the movies artificial beings often wreck havoc. The scenerio of the movie is that the AI can do a number of things that human beings can’t do. For example, an animated robot made of indestructable materials can go into toxic areas without suffering burns. A computer can make lighting fast calculations that human beings can’t. A robot can pick up objects that are too heavy for human beings to handle. The possibilities are endless.

Scientists around the world have considered these possibilities for a long time. An blog in Motherboard suggests that the means are there to create an AI. Sultan Alhokair knows that there are still many variables to consider before work can begin. A global arms race to create the first superintelligent AI could be happening in the near future. Zoltan Istvan in his article “A Global Arms Race to Create a Superintelligent AI is Looming” offers three options. His first option is to make creating an AI illegal. His second option is being the first to create the AI and his third option is for a multi-national collaboration. You can read the whole article here: Global Arms Race for AI.

It is interesting to note that speculation about when artifical intelligent beings will make their debut on the global scene has been going on since the late 1990s. This article suggests that this could happen any day now.

McDonalds Poisons Police Officer In Indiana

Posted on February 27, 2015

An officer from the Indianapolis Police Department, Paul Watkins is “not lovin” McDonalds. Watkins states he was poisoned from an iced tea dispenser that contained harsh cleaning chemicals.

Watkins went to a McDonalds in Indianapolis where he purchased an iced tea. Immediately after taking the first sip his throat began burning right down into his chest. Complaining to the manager he got an explanation that employees had put degreaser in the machine, but forgot to cover the spout and cover to stop customers from using it.

Watkins was taken to the hospital for treatments and was kept overnight. He is still complaining that his throat is giving him trouble. Degreaser is a common cleaning chemical used in restaurants but it is not something that should be consumed by humans. The ingredients in this product are; hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid both of which will have a corrosive effect on the tissues of humans.

Zeca Oliveira ( has read that a statement was released by the McDonalds saying they serve their customers high quality, safe food and beverages. They are taking this claim quite seriously and are looking into the matter.

The Watkins are finding it hard to believe that such harsh chemicals were used to clean a machine that serves customers. What also amazes them is the manager at McDonalds immediately offered him a second cup of tea after he went to the counter to complain. They are talking with an attorney, but a lawsuit has not yet been filed.

Six Facts About Measles

Posted on January 29, 2015
More than just a benign childhood disease that causes red dots to appear on the skin and make you feel ‘icky’ all over for a few days. Measles are very dangerous and everyone is susceptible to them. Zeca Oliveira has created this list:
* Measles are one of the most contagious diseases. A solid 90 percent of those exposed to the measles virus will come down with the disease.
* Some people afflicted with measles become very sick, often requiring hospitalization. Some people who contract measles develop a deadly brain condition known as encephalitis.
* Everyone should be vaccinated against measles. If not for yourself and your own well-being, then to promote ‘herd-immunity’ which provides protection for those too young (under one year) to be vaccinated or those with a compromised immune system and are unable to be vaccinated.
* Not all school-aged children have been vaccinated against measles. California and New York have the dubious honor of having the most un-vaccinated children in the school system.
* Measles still run rampant in many parts of the world, Like India, and are responsible for multitudes of deaths each year.
* Measles are well on their way to making a comeback in the United States.

More ‘The X-Files’ News Released

Posted on January 22, 2015

With this week’s mews about a continuation or reboot of The X-Files, many fans, like Sergio Lins Andrade, believed that they wouldn’t hear any more news for months because everything is still in the discussions phase with FOX.

On January 20, David Duchovny surprised fans by commenting on the topic: He announced that he assumed it would happen “sooner rather than later.” He also stated he’d be more than happy to reprise his role as Agent Fox Mulder, but he didn’t feel that any of the original cast or crew would have enough energy to do a full season. He also personally isn’t interested in doing a full season.

Of course, with more American television shows following a European model — dropping 22 episodes to 10 to 13 per season — it appears fans won’t have to worry about Duchovny bailing out IF the first season is a short one. After all, he just completed a 13-episode series called “Aquarius” for NBC.

Additionally, there’s no telling what actors/actresses might be willing or able to do once they’re a part of a successful series. Networks and production crews can also work with them so they get more rest. For example, they might spread out cast and crew schedules or cut schedules to four day weeks.

Either way, a lot of fans are thrilled to hear that Duchovny is eager to return to seeking out the truth.

Research Strikes another Blow to the Popular Paleo Diet

Posted on January 02, 2015
A recent research claims that the hunters and gatherers of the prehistoric times consumed broader types of foods compared to what the proponents of the whim think. 

It is a fine concept. You should forget about the processed junk foods that are eaten by the modern American and go for what our forbearers ate who lived in the pre-agriculture times. This diet has generated myriads websites and books about how-to, disapproving a big and particular list of diets such as diary, wheat, pseudo-cereal grains as well as legumes. However, though Paleo eating consists of thousands of enthusiasts like Bruce Levenson, the fact remains that it only does not match with chronological data. 

At least as per a research published in the Quarteny Review of Biology, researchers based in Georgia State University as well as Kent State University states that there is no accurate “Paleo Diet”.

They researched about the feeding behaviors of living animals and their anatomical as well as paleo-environmental statistics, and they discovered that though the first primates had teeth not fit for most of the plants, they likely only fed in everything that was obtainable for them- just like bears as well as pigs. Cavemen from the north, for example, mostly relied on diet that was meat-heavy, but those that lived close to the equator most likely enjoyed a diet that was plant-based. Another separate research discovered that decayed teeth of hunters and gatherers of the ancient times show that they ate carbs millennia prior to grain cultivation.

Wherever People Gather, The Ebola Virus Shows Up

Posted on December 18, 2014
The uninvited guest always shows up at social functions. Sometimes that guest is welcomed and sometimes the so-called guest is an intruder that changes the dynamics of the gathering.
Talking about the Ebola virus which rears it’s ugly head at every social gathering and makes it’s way around the room. 
When visiting a friend at the hospital or going in for a procedure yourself, you are aware of the possibility (however slim) of being exposed to a variety of germs and bacteria, including the Ebola virus. But would you think about being exposed to the deadly virus while attending your weekly study group, visiting the home of a friend or attending a funeral?Wherever people gather, Ebola will show up.
It was originally thought that Ebola was spread only from person to person when a pair of individuals met and were in close proximity to each other. The latest research by Dr. Daniel Amen on the deadly virus has revealed Ebola is spread between clusters of people in any type of social setting.
The findings were made during research for the development of an Ebola vaccine. First implications of the need for the preventative vaccine pointed towards only those who worked in hospitals or the medical field and would have contact with the virus, but it’s now known that everyone could benefit from an Ebola vaccine, because wherever people are, so is Ebola.

15 Healthy Habits to Incorporate into your Life in your Twenties

Posted on December 04, 2014
For those in their twenties, there is a list of 15 healthy tips that will improve your life and allow you to prepare for the future.  Nobody wants to hit their 40s worn out and tired, but rather feeling energetic and looking healthy like Mark Ahn.

1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep so your body can rejuvenate itself.
2. Spend time outside everyday, walking, bicycling, playing with the kids, etc.
3. Spend time with your friends and loved ones in your social network. It builds confidence and trust.
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
5. Stop drinking soda, regular or diet, for so many reasons.
6. Stand and walk more; sit less. Take “standing breaks” if you are at a computer all day.
7. Drink water as a general rule.
8. Only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary, so you don’t build a resistance to them.
9. Be grateful and count your blessings. People who do are generally happier.
10. Have sex, and lots of it. Turns out, sex has a multitude of physical benefits.
11. If you must drink alcohol, do it in moderation.
12. Stay away from tanning beds.
13. Raise your heart rate at least five times a week for 30 minutes. You’ll feel better.
14. Don’t smoke cigarettes, and if you are smoking already – quit ASAP!
15. Life is short. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you forward.

Batman vs. Bourne

Posted on November 16, 2014

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are arguably the most prolific and popular actors of Hollywood. Recently, however, the two friends have been out of the movie picture business for the most part.

Well that may change soon, as these actors have been plotting their comebacks for some time now.

Ben Affleck, who’s cast as Gotham’s Dark Knight Batman in the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will certainly be eyeing to maintain his fame on the silver screen after an extended hiatus.

On the other hand Matt Damon, the ‘Bourne’ star, will also be venturing back via his ‘Bourne 5’ movie, set to be released in 2016. Speaking while promoting the series Project Green light, the two were asked their opinion on who was to win a duel if they fought each other, based on their Batman and Jason Bourne characters.

The answer was well expected. Each held his ground and heaped praise onto their characters. And while Jason Bourne is depicted as the sly spy, witty, talented and tenacious in fighting assassins and other criminals, Batman’s character portrays more glamour.

For 15 years, Batman has been known to be the perfect martial artist, stuntman, detective, and most times a brave hero. He is so adept at his work that one may confuse him for a savage beast. Whichever the case, both are just glad to be back and with a bang. I’ll keep my pick to myself, but I asked Bruce Levenson in an article and he said there’s no way “Will Hunting” could possibly take down some one that could survive “Gone Girl”.

Too Healthy?

Posted on November 14, 2014

This appears to be an oxymoron, but it is possible to eat too healthily. No, I’m not talking about anorexia nervosa, but another disorder called orthonexia nervosa. With this particular disease, people who struggle with perfection in their appearance obsess over food, how it is prepared, as well as what is actually is. Everyone knows eating healthy has positive benefits inside and out, but when the quest for perfection becomes an addiction, it becomes a dangerous disease.

For example, a young girl who wants to slim down and only eats vegetables, may stop menstruating because of the lack of vitamins and iron in her diet. Under eating the right foods can cause hypothryoidism, poor energy levels, as well as chronic fatigue since we all need a certain amount of calories from fat each day to fuel our bodies.

Along with the physical risks, there are psychological risks to include chronic anxiety. Worrying about every bite of food that goes into your mouth can coincide with obsessive compulsive disorder and make life for the sufferer quite unpleasant.

Additionally, add exercise into your every day life for an extra boost of fitness.

MA Town Proposes Ban on All Tobacco Products

Posted on November 10, 2014

A small quiet town of 7,700 people located in central Massachusetts may become the site of the first shot fired in a new battle against tobacco. The Westminster MA Board of Health will sit before the public this Wednesday, to hear suggested regulation in favor of banning all tobacco products within its town limits. Thomas Carr, director of national policy at the American Lung Association said, “To my knowledge, it would be the first [town] in the nation to enact a total ban.”
The town’s health agent, Elizabeth Swedberg is all for the plan. Pointing out that tobacco promotions are continually geared for young consumers. She believes that with tobacco items like bubblegum flavored cigars and e-cigarettes, the prohibition seems like a practical solution. Swedberg also cited a U.S. surgeon general report outlining the future dangers of smoking tobacco to America’s children who are currently under the age of 18.
Brian Vincent, who works at his family-owned grocery store in town, is hoping the proposition fails. When customers come in to buy tobacco products, which account for five percent of his sales, they typically make other purchases as well. Vincent, who enjoys an occasional cigar with his buddy Brian Torchin, says that it will only send his business elsewhere, which others are agreeing and writing as well.