ClassDojo: Strengthening The Connection Between Parent And Teacher

Posted on May 23, 2017

It is natural for the parent to wonder what is going on with their child at school. For one thing, school has always been the institution that has taken the children away for their parents for the day. Therefore, the only thing that the parents would know about the day is whatever the child tells them. During those days, it was good enough for the parent. Parents didn’t really meet with the teachers all the time unless they volunteer at school. Therefore, it was always relegated to the parent and teacher conference. However, software developers have come up with an app that makes it easier for parents and teachers to connect.


This app is called ClassDojo. With this app, teachers are better able to connect with parents. Therefore, they can more easily update the parent on how the students are doing. This makes it easier for parents to help the child if needed. ClassDojo also makes it easier for the student to keep in touch with their parents so that they could get the needed encouragement. This app is one of the most revolutionary apps for the education industry. It encourages inclusion in schools.

ClassDojo is easy to obtain. It is free to download and use. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, there is no need to buy any extra device for the app. This is one thing about ClassDojo that is wise. For one thing, not everyone has an iOS or Android device. There are some cases where one has both operating systems. However, it is very good to have a way to access such an important app for education.


One of the major advantages behind ClassDojo is that it makes it easier for students to excel in class. Not only could parents connect with teachers, but students can also connect with any type of help they need. With subjects like math, science, English, and any other subject that can challenges a student. ClassDojo helps students so that they don’t have to take a low grade in any subject that they struggle in. They will not only learn the right answers, but also learn how to come up with the right answer.