An Overview of the Life and Career of Todd Lubar

Posted on January 18, 2017

Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures LLC. He joined the real estate industry back in 1995. Due to his marvel with every aspect of the industry and desiring to assist others, he knew that finance and real estate would be his life career. He started off his journey in the world of business with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Todd was able to learn quickly about Mortgage banking conservative model and this has proven to have been an invaluable lesson and experience. Todd spent most of his time cultivating relationships with CPA’s, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial planners who presently provide him with a huge reliable base of referral business.



Setting Up Legendary Properties, LLC



Todd Lubar went a step further in 1999 in his career advancement and acquired an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group. This honed his lending abilities as he was brokering loans to investors outside and lend like a direct mortgage bank. He then took his focus on real estate a notch higher by opening up Legendary Properties, LLC in 2002. The company focused on residential development and it facilitated a rapid buying, rehabilitating, selling and gaining profits progression on over 200 transactions. The company dealt mostly with single units for family dwelling and twenty units of multi-family properties. Todd met and initiated relationships with various people who were highly experienced in the building trade and could produce quality products within no time. This helped him to cultivate a number of relationships with major banks and he benefitted from high credit lines that ran to twenty million dollars or thereabouts.



About Todd Lobar



Todd Lobar is an alumnus of the Washington DC- based Sidwell Friends School (1977-1987), the Peddie School (Hightstown NJ) and the Syacruse University. He graduated with a B.A. in Speech Communication (1995). Mr. Lobat’s primary focus has been on mortgage banking but he also ventured in other areas as he owned companies based in the night club industry, recycling industry, demolition industry and real estate development. He has appeared among the country’s top mortgage originators (top 25). He understands how businesses are run and can excel in different environments.


Talk Fusion Bags Another high-Status Award

Posted on December 06, 2016

Talk Fusion has bagged several high-status accolades due to its ability to develop exceptional and well-performing products. On August 15, 2016, its advanced Video Chat application won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, which is the second award to be issued by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) this year. The award is given to leading-edge solutions and products that foster communications via video, data, and voice. However, these products must be either new or modified in the past one year.


Rich Tehran, who is in charge of TMC, commended the recipients of the prestigious award. He mentioned that the winners were the trendsetters in their respective industries. He also advised them to continue with their mission of taking communication to an entirely new level.


Video chat


Through the revolutionary Video Chat app, users can communicate with any person on any device. The WebRTC technology-based app operates smoothly in smartphone, tablet or desktop. Users can download it into their devices from Google Play stores and iTunes. The complete version of Video Chat was officially introduced to the world of communication in March 2016. Bob Reina has hinted that his team of IT specialists is working on more innovative apps that will boost the Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution.


Talk Fusion’s overview


Talk Fusion focuses on raising standards in the communication sector, celebrating success with accolades, and helping businesses to confront and overcome challenges. It makes video conferencing tools, social networking, as well as broadcasting products. Its video marketing solutions have enabled companies to improve their sales and register immense profits. Talk Fusion’s video email product allows business owners to send messages that have more meaning than written email to their clients.


Talk Fusion has a team of independent sales representatives who market and sell its products in over 140 nations. The firm has availed a 30-day free trial for individuals who may want to try its Video Marketing Solution. Other than developing unique products, Talk Fusion promotes unconditional dedication support for charitable giving. It supports community initiatives and animal charities globally. Bob Reina is in charge of investment strategy, growth plans, and daily operations of the company.

Investing in Contemporary Art: Adam Sender

Posted on November 30, 2015

Adam Sender is not just a financial advisor, but an accomplished art collector who has accumulated some of the most leading contemporary art. He succeeded by keeping his eye on future and up-coming artists over the years. His goal was to collect the best creative at the most reasonable prices – ideally before a particular artist grew in fame. Sender has consistently acquired a collection that is coherent and engaging from piece to piece rather than individual groupings. He started decades ago and as he is now in his forties, his collection goes beyond just the idea of classics. His collection of art is truly personal and carefully selected. Some of the art has been developed by established artists while others are more young up-and-coming creatives such as Adam McEwen, Rashid Johnson and Lucien Smith.

He selects art that is intellectually stimulating and visually appealing, which isn’t easy when there are so many great artists out there. Sender, therefore, has a unique ability to really focus in on an artist or type of creative that gives his collection the streamlined and rich personality he’s cultivated. He enjoys sharing his collection with the world showing his art in museums – something he originally never thought would happen when he started out buying contemporary pieces. His love and passion for the art helped his showcase grow organically.

As of 2014, he had about 800 works by around 139 artists – encapsulating his drive for variety. Although he recently decided to sell half of his work, he still has his passion. He originally started collecting as an investment. Investing in a hedge-fund may be where you make 20%, but contemporary art lifted global art sales to approximately $65.3 billion. He did not expect to have the passion and at times obsession, as he puts it, he’d have for collecting. Sender just was trying to buy the very best work that was decently priced.

QNET to Consolidate Its Manufacturing in India

Posted on November 25, 2015

Online marketing company QNET is planning to consolidate all its manufacturing in India. The move is set to give the company a cost benefit of between 8 and 12%. QNET produces 30 brands of products that fit into 9 distinct categories. They range from wellness, nutrition and skin care to jewelry and watches. A couple of years ago, the company made a decision to start producing products that add value to life. They started producing products that are aimed at life enhancement rather than just lifestyle.

Changing its product development strategy is what has made QNET venture into areas such as education, water filtration, air purification and weight management. Though not all of these products are available for the Indian market, there are plans to make them available already. Some of QNET’s products are already being produced in India. They include the energy drink Nutriplus and watches.

India has a very troubled investment climate at the moment. Though many multinational companies see it as the last frontier, they are cautious about setting up base there. If India is to evolve and become a favorable climate for investment, then new policies will have to be set. Emerging markets such as direct selling need to be properly regulated.

QNET has been a victim of lack of proper policies in India. According to Zaheer Merchant, Director, Corporate Affairs, the company has been facing unnecessary legal hurdles despite the fact that it has complied with all legal obligations and has been paying duties and taxes. If a clear legal framework existed, Merchant is confident that the investigators would be able to see that QNET operates legally and transparently.
From South East Asia, QNET has been able to expand its operations to countries in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, East Asia and Europe. It has presence in over 100 countries spread across these regions. The company has been in India for more than ten years. Revenues from the country have been increasing at a fast pace. They grew at 100% the last year, and company officials are predicting that this growth will be maintained in the coming years.

The Indian Government has expressed commitment in amending the laws that govern direct selling. It has come up with a ministerial group that is set to look at multi-level marketing businesses. QNET has welcomed this move. According to Merchant, this will set the company apart from other money making pyramid schemes.

QNET to shift their manufacturing basis to India despite the drawbacks

Posted on November 19, 2015

QNET, the Hong Kong-based company, is currently planning to transfer a principal part of its production basis to India in the next few years. Regardless of the drawbacks in India, the company has resorted to investing heavily in production facilities and the latest establishments in India. QNET is already manufacturing a better portion of its watches in India and their energy drink, Nutriplus, which was specially produced for the Indian market with manufacturing basis in Himachal Pradesh and later all over the world. Zaheer Merchant, the director of corporate affairs of the company, Zaheer Merchant, admitted that they wanted to centralize manufacturing facilities in India. The company distributes a vast range of top-rated customer products online, has developed since its establishment in India 13 years ago. The move to shift manufacturing facilities to India is anticipated to boost the cost to up to 8 and 13%.

Apparently, India’s investment climate is demanding, and many multinational companies go to India to check it out as the final option. The company is optimistic that India’s regulatory framework will advance to offer a secure business atmosphere for foreign investors. The company is still devoted to their distributors by investing in the latest products advancement and production equipment. The distinct feature about QNET is that the company offers a wide variety of lifestyle products. The brand of products totals up to 30 that are categorized into nine diverse products that aim at enriching the lives of customers and enhancing a healthy lifestyle. The products include skincare and nutrition, Swiss-made watches, wellness plus vacation packages.

The company decided to transform their game plan three years ago for the Indian market by concentrating on a selected segment, selecting products that enhanced and made an impact on the lives of their customers. The shift to “life enhancement” enabled the company to stretch their products offered to weight management, water filtration, air purification and education. Even though not all products are present in India, the company is working towards creating a market for its clients.

The leading direct selling company recently disclosed its partnership with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), the Barclays Premier League Champions as their authorized direct selling partner. The conference took place at the Etihad Stadium with players such as Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko, Jesus Navas and Bacary Sagna attending it.

The partnership will give QNET assess to an array of Manchester City’s non-monetary experiences including player meet and greets that are going to be used as assurance for Independent Representatives or rewards for consistent customers. The Chief Business Officer for Manchester City, Tom Glick remarked on the partnership saying that he was thrilled to join forces with QNET in a contract that will present opportunities through football all over the world and the manifold growth in Asia.

Adam Sender–How the Greats, Like Adam Sender Choose Art

Posted on October 18, 2015

The science of art collecting is something that is as elusive as is the logic behind how pieces are chosen to sell for millions of dollars, and which paintings never reach that status. At the end of the day, art collecting is more about choosing art that speaks your soul, as opposed to choosing art that is just very expensive.

The most important thing about making money or even becoming an art collector is creating an investment thesis. An investment thesis is important because it allows you to ask yourself the question, “what do I believe about the art world that other people do not believe that I know is 100% right?” When you ask yourself that question, it enables you to have a solid reason for making contradictory assessments and cashing in on things that people don’t understand. Conviction is the glue that holds your investment thesis together. Without conviction, you will quit at the first sign of the trouble, while having it could cause you to ride out the storm, and making lots of money in the process.

As people around the world will create art, they often times forget about how important it is to inspire the dealers and people by their art on a very personal and primal level. Often times, being an artist with conviction can be a very tough job, yet, when the right collector comes along and sees your work as a masterpiece, the collector will eventually coax the market into finding your art worthy of being appreciated on a worldwide level.

Adam Sender is an art collector who has collected over 400 pieces of art. He plans on selling a lot of his art at the Sotheby’s auction house. A lot of these artists were relatively unknown and he paid a very small sum for them, yet they have proven to be worth a lot of money because of the people that purchased the art caused the arts price to appreciate.

Think about this: just being sold at an art and auction at Sothebys is an accomplishment that most artists will never have a chance to enjoy in their lives. One could say that is the first step to receiving legendary status in the art world.

A lot of pieces that Adam Sender has purchased started out costing nearly $100,000 and wound up selling for two or $3 million, including the painting of Cindy Sherman, known as black sheets, which he bought for 100 grand and sells today for over $3 million. There is a possibility that the same, exact piece could go for four or 5 million if it’s price is driven up.

Adam Sender’s Collecting is Paying Off

Posted on August 22, 2015

There are some individuals who choose to collect something that they love and who end up with a collection that is worth a lot of money. There are some individuals who collect solely for the purpose of being able to sell their collection and raise a good chunk of money. There are some who collect items that they love and then end up making money that they were not expecting to make. There are some who collect items and are not willing to part with them. Adam Sender is a collector, someone who has gathered a lot of what he loves. This man is someone who collects art, and the art that he has collected could earn him a lot of money if he is willing to part with it. This man has collected art for a long time, and the collection that he has stored up could be valuable to him if he sells it. Check out Adam Sender on Facebook.

If Adam Sender would part with all of the art that he has collected through the years he would find that the art was a good investment and that he would get more money for the pieces than he spent on them. He would find that his purchasing of the art was a smart move. The fact that Adam Sender bought the kind of art that he appreciated, personally, though, leaves one to think that he might not want to sell all of the pieces that he has gathered. This man loves the artwork that he has collected, and he displays the pieces in his home. This man is proud of the collection that he has gathered over time, and he might not want to part with all of it. There are some collectors who choose items of value to hold onto and keep as their own, and there are some collectors who are willing to sell it all. Adam Sender might be willing to part with some pieces of his collection, but most likely he will also want to keep some for himself.

Amazing Art Collection Being Sold

Posted on August 18, 2015

Art collectors are known for going all out and buying every piece of art that catches their eye. Some have small, reserved collections fueled by a small budget or lack of finding perfect pieces for their collection. Then, you have amazing collectors like Adam Sender. Adam, an art enthusiast has a huge collection of pieces and will be selling them off to make a hefty profit, so huge that many will choke when they hear the return that he is expecting on his investment. This guy knows what he’s doing, that’s for sure. Here, Adam Sender was discussed in a Business Insider article.

Adam Sender doesn’t have any old collection, bought at random whims. Instead, with help from knowledgeable individuals that he had at his disposal, Sender managed to amass a large collection of contemporary art. He got in on the trend early and will make far more money from selling the art than the amount he put into buying it. In fact, back in 2006, Sender took the initiative and sold 40 unique pieces of art and made a profit of nearly twenty million dollars. That’s a lot of profit, and there’s more to come when he sells off more of the epic collection to eager buyers.

Now, Sender has about 400 pieces of contemporary art that he plans on selling over a time span of about 18 months. Much of the art that he has is coveted, very much wanted by a number of art collectors. In fact, a single piece of art, a photo that is known as Untitled #93, is worth at least two million dollars in cash, if not more. The entire collection that he plans on selling will bring a hefty profit, that Sender estimates to be around 70 million dollars, if everything goes smoothly for him.

Sender makes it known that he was making an effort to buy the best art possible. He held high standards, ones that required that he buy high quality art for his collection. While it wasn’t always possible to purchase the absolute best, every effort was made to purchase the best for what he was paying. Some artists work went for less, and more known artists masterpieces sold for more more, and those are the priciest selections in his collection. Only time will tell if this investment that he made over the span of years will truly pay off as much as he thinks it will, in the manner of 70 million dollars.

Jamie Garcia Dias Is One Of Brazil’s Most Prominent Writers

Posted on July 30, 2015

Since the Colonial Period, Brazil’s literature has played a significant role in the country’s vibrant history. Brazil is a multicultural country with a mix of Europeans, African slaves and native American persons. This ecclectic mix is relective through this country’s storytelling over the last 400 years.

The Mid-18th Century saw the emergence of poetry. The most prosperous region in Brazil was the Minas Gerais Region. Many of the most prominent poets, incidentally, were involved in the uprising against the colonials. Gregario de Matas, the most famous poet of all, is known to have produced satirical, secular and religious writings.

Over the decades, Brazil saw many other styles and authors whose writings dominated certain eras. Romanticism, Realism, Pre-Modernism and Modernism and comtemporary authors such as Machado de Asis, Jorge Amado, Lima Baretto and Oswalde de Andrade have all made significant contributions over the years. The 20th Century has produced one of the greatest all-time writers in Brazil’s history.

Jaime Garcia Dias, 45, is an award-winning author who started writing at the age of 15. His father James was also a writer and journalist, and his books became a valuable resource for him to hone his skills. By the age of 30, Dias had already published 10 books. He also worked at the Carioca Literature Academy. In 2001, Dias won the White Crane Award for literature. He was also promoted to president of the academy. Five of his books, Fell From Heaven, Tiny, Canal, Two Ways and Clouds all received literary awards.

In 2013, Garcia-Dias began writing for Jornol de Brazil. He was also invited to write for the Journal Literature Notebook. Garcia-Dias was honored in Argentina at the Latinos Books Meetings by fellow journalist Joshua Gomez. Garcia-Dias continues to make strides in the literary world by drawing on pop culture for his writing inspiration.

The Effect of Obesity on our Nation’s Security

Posted on April 22, 2015

You’ve heard the warnings time and time again of increasing obesity rates, but you’ve never really paid them any attention. Obesity is becoming a national security risk at a fast pace in the US and has already began to affect the enrollment of those interested in the military.

Though you may not be suffering from obesity yourself, an alarming 35% of adults 20 and up suffer from obesity. This isn’t counting the 69% of adults that in general are overweight. So what affect is this having on our military? Well according to CNN, a whopping 10% of enrollments in the army were turned down due to obesity. Ivan Ong does not discriminate. Obesity is an increasing worry. In fact, in 2013 the adult obesity rate was 27.2% compared to the 35% today.

So who’s to blame for this escalating phenomenon? Well ironically, we only have ourselves to blame for this epidemic. As a nation the overwhelming availability of processed foods is staggering. In fact, it’s more difficult to find natural packaged foods than it is junk food. Processed foods have artificial ingredients, additives, and often have high fructose corn syrup, which is known to cause obesity. So until we as a whole make healthier choices in consumption, this epidemic could spread to dynamic proportions, and may even cripple our workforce and economy over time.