Deadpool and the “Happy Year of the Monkey” TV Spot

Posted on February 03, 2016

The audience for superhero films is diverse. One complaint about comic books is the publications, these days, are being geared exclusively to young males. The films seek to appeal to much larger audiences. Deadpool is going to go in the opposite direction. The hero film boasts and R-rating, and hopes to draw in audiences of younger persons who enjoy adult-oriented action films.

The TV spots for Deadpool display the more mature style and the outrageous humor so unique to the Deadpool movie. The “Happy Year of the Monkey” does a fine job of showing the uniqueness of Deadpool.

The weird image of Deadpool reading a letter while acknowledging the Chinese New Year segues into clips of fight scenes. Yes, that is pretty weird. Well, it is weird until the irony behind the commercial is revealed. Deadpool was banned in China due to graphic violence. China is an incredibly lucrative market. The Chinese box office saved Terminator: Genisys from near-certain financial disaster status.

Not every Hollywood movie is guaranteed a release in China, says Jon Urbana of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The number of film imports is capped at a certain number. This is done to protect the domestic Chinese film market, for better or for worse.

Even without access to the Chinese market, Deadpool should do well at the box office. Superhero movies do well unless they get awful reviews. Deadpool is offbeat enough to stand apart from the numerous other hero films.

New TV Promos Causing Viewer Confusion

Posted on June 30, 2015

Over the weekend and on Monday, fans of several popular TV shows complained under recap articles and in social posts about the quality of modern TV show promos. Two examples are the promos for the last week’s episodes ofThe Last Ship and Hannibal.

What was the main complaint about these promos?

Both promos showed scenes that were not in the next episode. Instead, they showed a mix of scenes from several future episodes without clarifying this fact. With The Last Ship promo, several scenes, such as Chandler talking to someone in a suit, Chandler ordering a weapon’s launch and the USS Nathan James being attacked by a submarine, were not in this past Sunday’s episode. These are scenes from several future episodes. With Hannibal, the previous promo, and several before it, have been far worse in regards to incorrect linear content. For example, each promo has shown Jack Crawford attacking Hannibal. Hannibal and Will have also been shown in scenes with facial injuries. Yet, the show has not presented any fights between these character to-date.

A lot of fans are getting extremely angry at being teased with scenes that will not be shown for weeks, if not months, from the time they see the trailers. They feel that TV networks have started to treat episodic TV trailers too much like movie teaser trailers reports Marcio Alaor BMG.

American Idol to End in 2016

Posted on May 13, 2015

Many people have credited American Idol for causing the reality tv show craze, and while the long running show is certainly an example of that phenomenon, it is doubtful that it caused the craze. Either way, the long-running show is coming to and end in 2016 after its 15th season and 14 years on the air.

Declining ratings, a larger variety of singing competitions on the air, including “The Voice”, as well as the fact that the show’s creator, Simon Cowell, left the show several seasons ago are some of the reasons why the show is being cancelled.

Sam Tabar understands that Fox’s cancellation of the show may also be a sign of the changing times. It has been nearly 15 years since the show first aired and American Idol is not the only singing competition or reality show to seen a decline in ratings.

TV executives are starting to realise that reality tv and singing competitions are not the ratings boon that they could have been and that they are not as cost effective as they thought. Few of the idols on American Idol or winners of any of the singing competition shows have gone on to become genuine stars, and the ones that did most likely would have eventually anyway. For these people, American Idol was simply a boost to their already budding career.

Trends come and go, and this trend is one that seems to be on it’s way out.

“Better Call Saul” Hits Record Breaking Cable Stats

Posted on February 12, 2015


This week the Breaking Bad prequel series “Better Call Saul” hit televisions for a two night premiere on Sunday and Monday night. The show features actor Bob Odenkirk as his notable character from the hit series Breaking Bad and takes place before the events of Walter White’s crime days.

Not only have fans been waiting months (and years) for this show to debut since Breaking Bad ended at the end of 2013, but according to an article found on reddit and written by, “Better Call Saul” had the highest ratings in cable history for a debut night of a show.

Odenkirk’s former series, Breaking Bad, in which he co-starred with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul gained a large fan base over the course of the years said When the show’s finale aired it left viewers like Susan McGalla wanting more, so this is essentially what director Vince Gilligan is doing from a different angle. Fans of the show got to reminisce with the style in which the episodes are filmed and even see a few familiar faces in the first two episodes. In “Better Call Saul,” the show starts off with character Saul Goodman before he became known by that name, and is still living with his birth name, Jimmy McGill who is a struggling lawyer trying to find a way to make an honest living. With the success of Breaking Bad, there is great potential for this series.

NBC Has Another Slot to Fill

Posted on January 30, 2015

Is it me, or is the television shows that are on these days lackluster? When I was growing up in the 80’s, television was at its pinnacle. I would watch shows like Roseanne, Golden Girls, 227, Hunter, Give Me A Break and others. It was the era for TV and my childhood friend Lee G. Lovett and I couldn’t wait till my favorite shows came on. Today’s reality shows have taken over the set and the few good shows that are left have fallen by the way to bad ratings. 

Parenthood was a funny show that brought a lot of laughs into my home. Being a parent is hard, and once more it is something that only the strong will survive. The real problem is every time that I find a show that I like, it either gets cancelled or it gets bad reviews. I loved the show with Kathy Bates on NBC, Harry’s Law. Unfortunately, it soon fell by the way and was taken off the air too soon. 

Another show that I really like is The Mystery’s of Laura on NBC. This show is also getting bad ratings. I am finding a pattern because the movies I like usually are poorly rated too. My sister and I often joke “who is rating these movies anyway, we loved it?” So as we say goodbye to Parenthood, we can only imagine what will be put on in it’s place. My guess is another police drama.

Arrow Mercifully Limits The Lazarus Pit

Posted on January 22, 2015

It doesn’t look like the Lazarus Pit is going to be used at all in any future episodes of Arrow. This will be the case even though the pits have been acknowledged to exist. Stephen Amell has definitively pointed out Oliver does not survive the recent mishap that befell him thanks to a soaking in a Lazarus Pit.

If you, like my friend Dan Newlin are not a long-time comic book reader, you are probably asking out loud “What is a Lazarus Pit?” A very cynical answer would be it was a once novel concept that has now been overused past the point of its usefulness.

In the Batman comics, the Lazarus Pit is used to restore the health of those who are weakened by ailments and age. The villain Ra’s al Ghul has used the pits to become, essentially, an immortal.

At various times in the comic books, the Lazarus Pit has been used to heal the dying and raise the dead. (Hence, the moniker of the pit(s) draws its name from the biblical reference of Lazarus) While there is nothing wrong with using the pits sparingly, they have a tendency to appear too often in the books. Stories can become predictable as a result, which is never a good thing.

We do not know how the pits will be used in the Arrow series. They will likely be used at one point or else the pits would never have been mentioned. Once again, if they are used, using them sparingly is a far better plan.

Empire Is Renewed For Second Season

Posted on January 20, 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 4 months there is no way you could have missed the endless promotion for Fox’s new hit series, Empire, a favorite of Marc Sparks of

The hip hop drama starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard as Lucious and Cookie Lyons is an instant success after the premiere managed to snag a whopping 9.9 million viewers with the second episode scoring 10.3 million viewers coming back for more.

The show is based on a obnoxiously rich family that runs the music industry, and their attempt to find the most eligible son to take over the company when the father steps down. So far viewers can not get enough of the action packed drama and all of its twists and turns. From it’s infectious characters to the engaging plot, Empire promises to keep viewers tuning in every week.

It’s just been announced that after airing only 2 episodes, Fox has renewed the show for a second season. With creator Lee Daniels on the job with music royalty Timbaland writing and producing all of the hit songs of the show, it’s almost impossible for Empire not to be one of the best shows to watch this season.

Is The Flash Going Back In Time

Posted on January 19, 2015

Don’t you wish you could go back in time and watch the original Flash TV series when it originally aired in the 1990’s on CBS? If you are the new Flash, you just might be able to do that. As of episode 15, time travel as a plot device is going to be introduced.

Oh wait, time travel does not mean you can also travel into a parallel universe or different time stream. No one from The Flash series is going to enter our time stream. The Flash just might find himself at the center of different adventurous plots set sometime in the near or distant past. Time travel always comes with a host of cool twists and turns.

In the comic books, time travel has provided many interesting plot twists. In the 1950’s campy version of The Flash, running backwards really, really fast allowed the hero to solve more than a few crimes. In more current, serious stories, The Flash has grappled with the morality of going into the past and changing things for the better. 

Do not look for The Flash to become a dark and cynical show. The series is a little bit melodramatic now and then, but it has a sense of fun and wonder to it. Daniel Amen cannot wait for the season premier. The time travel element certainly will add to this approach and help take the show in a cool sci-fi inspired direction.

New Discovery President Promises Big Changes

Posted on January 16, 2015
Discovery Communications, the company behind the Discovery Channel, experienced a change in leadership this week. Alhokair with Sultan Alhokair in an interview learned Rich Ross has taken over the position of president of the company. In a press conference less than 72 hours after taking over, Ross assured the scientific and educational community that the current trend of false reality shows, and fictional science would end. He even joked that no humans would be eaten by snakes on his watch.

Ross wants to return Discovery Channel to its days of credibility. Many in the scientific community have gotten a bad taste for Discovery over the last few years, as they have intentionally passed false information off as scientific fact. During Last year’s Shark Week, for example, the documentary Megalodon: New Evidence purported that the massive prehistoric shark was still alive. Some of the scientists in the “documentary” were hired actors.

While many in the scientific community have written off Discovery completely,others, like marine biologist David Shiffman are cautiously excited to see where Ross is taking the company. Restoring the credibility of the company and the shows is Ross’s goal. He is expecting to face opposition from those concerned about ratings, but authenticity is more important to him.