Grupo RBS Plans To Reach More Fans Via Collaborative Project

Posted on July 29, 2019


Grupo RBS, one of the biggest media conglomerate in Brazil, wants to get close to its fans. With the company’s newest concept, it plans to deliver a campaign which embodies its new goal. Grupo RBS launched its newest campaign motto, which is “Grupo RBS: A Gente Vive Junto” in Porto Alegre, with a song “A Gente Vive Junto by Lulu Santos. The song has been exclusively created for this effort.

Creative Director of Competence, Rafael Bohrer, stated that Grupo RBS want to launch a campaign which will involve the company and its fans working together. This campaign includes launching a video made by fans. With the campaign, a special platform has been made available. This platform lets the people vote for scenes from the submitted videos. Videos with the most votes will be the one which will become the official film of the campaign.

Claudio Toigo, the current CEO of the Grupo RBS revealed that this campaign has been made possible due to the continuous patronage of fans with their services. He revealed that the company is now reaping the fruits of its hard wor. In addition, Toigo also revealed that Grupo RBS they made some changes and work integration in order for the company to position itself better in the market, especially with the advertisers. Go To This Page for additional information.

Grupo RBS prepared for this campaign by listening to the suggestion of its employees, Claudio Toigo revealed. He also revealed how meetings and workshops have been held with the employees, as well as suppliers and partners. Toigo himself met directly with 400 employees.

As of now, Grupo RBS wants to associate great concepts for its brands, including courage, proximity, and excellence. With this campaign, the Grupo RBS will be able to collaborate with its fans in the making of the project. The company calls for the whole of Rio Grande do Sul population to show their participation. Grupo RBS is a media conglomerate founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957. It is affiliated with Rede Globo and employs more than 6,000 people. The group owns 12 broadcasting stations, 24 radio stations and more. It is also known for its digital company called e.Bricks Digital.


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