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Posted on December 01, 2017

The technology, e-commerce, and fashion have grown tremendously in 2016. In the previous year, the total revenue generated by the e-commerce alone was $72 Billion, and there is an expectation of an increment. It is believed that by 2021, the gross revenue accrued by the e-commerce alone shall stand at $116 billion. Both Legacy and Startup Fashion have gone through thick and thin to attract as many digital consumers as possible. The two companies have tried from adopting the latest CRM technology, to carefully studying the latest and most successful marketing through the social media. One technique that has however earned them some success is the membership program model.

From Beginning a Trend to Bucking the Model

The first membership fashion for footwear was launched in 2010 by JustFab. The individuals who made the efforts of subscribing to the monthly VIP membership got 30% discounts on the actual prices of the products. They also were issued with the chance to access the promotions and special products and also the free shipping. This was seen as one of the best ways to market the products which were still new in the market and, therefore, facing stiff competition. Within two years, the site had attracted more than 2 million subscribers.

From Data into Designer Destinations

Goldenberg, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle started his career at the age of thirteen years; he started an online bulletin that later on transformed into a gaming website; Gamer’s Alliance. Adam Goldenberg, at the age of 17, decided to sell the Gamer’s Alliance to another company by the name, Intermix, which is the parent owner of the social media site by the name, MySpace. After leaving the Intermix, Adam Goldenberg founded the online e-commerce site known as the Intelligent Beauty. Adam had gotten used to technology and he was using it to grow his newly founded business that was doing well as compared to the competitors. Don Ressler, who is one of the co-founders of the Intelligent Beauty contributed heavily toward the success of the e-commerce business started by Adam Goldenberg.

Other Investments

Other than investing in Technology, Adam and his colleagues like Don Ressler ensured that there was a heavy investment in the marketing and product selection. This was necessary for the e-commerce for it was looking for all the means to beat the competition that was getting stiffer as other firms leveraged the latest technology. To offer the best shopping experience, TechStyle an enterprise styling system which helped it to accumulate more profits as compared to the rivals in the market?