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Posted on June 30, 2017

Jason Hope has been working as an Internet-based entrepreneur for many years. He has come a long way since he first started and is now focused on the Internet of Things. For anyone who is unaware of what the Internet of Things is, it is the connection between “real-life” objects that are all put together within a network. It is something that has made life more convenient for many people and something that has made life much better than what it was in the past. Everyone who is a part of the Internet of Things knows how much easier it is to use things that are connected on a network and with other devices. For example, an Internet of Things could be made up of household appliances, light switches, family vehicles and cell phones. When all of these items get put together, they can operate seamlessly.

Since Jason Hope has been working with the Internet of Things and innovations that are associated with it, he has learned about all of the different types of waste that appliances and other things cause. The Internet of Things has made this waste far reduced and has made things easier for other people to be able to get more out of them. There are many things that the Internet of Things possible and people who use it know that the options are nearly limitless so that people can try new things with them and get more out of the options that they have available to them. If you want to visit his Facebook page : Click Here.

Throughout time, there have been many new best options that are included with the Internet and technology. This is something that has given people the chance to get more out of their experiences and out of the convenience that they have. Thanks to the Internet of Things and developments by Jason Hope has come up with, people can now do things that are convenient. When they use the technology that is available to them, it makes things easier, safer and more secure. It also allows them to have full control over the things that their devices are able to do.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is A Major Technology Entrepeneur

Posted on February 03, 2017

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial innovator in technology startups and a major donor along with his wife, Liz Lefkofsky. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan, which is just outside of the city of Detroit. A graduate of Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987, Eric Lefkosky later attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he completed his undergrad studies in 1991 with honors. Two years later in 1993, Eric officialy became able to practice law when he completed a law degree at the University of Michigan School of law, located in Ann Arbor.


Based on Crunchbse.com, Eric Lefkofsky decided not to pursue a career in law. Instead he decided to pursue a career in business, technology and innovation. His passion for these fields led him to immense success. Here are some of the ventures, that he has funded, started and currently invested in. Click http://www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky.


One of the most widely utilized and well known companies that Eric Lefkofsky has helped kick off is the online tech marketing firm called Groupon based on bizjournals.com. It is a play on the words group and coupon. Groupon lets businesses offer major discounts to customers, if a significant amount of them agree to purchase the deal or use the “coupon.” Such a tactic provides an incentive for both businesses and customers. The business gains a large amount of customers at one time, while the customers receive a discounted price on an item, trip or service.


Another web based technology business that Eric Lefkofsky has helped to start is Echo Global Logistics. This is an online and technology based logistics firm. Echo provides companies who need to ship out goods via truck with a platform to connect to transportation providers who can deliver the goods to the desired destination. Echo has a network of over 30,000 carriers that can transport goods across the United States. It also provides transportation analysis services for businesses as well as complete transportation management when goods need to be delivered.


InnerWorkings is a marketing firm that Eric Lefkosky also helped to found. It relies heavily on data analysis and automation to create marketing campaigns and advertisements for medium to large sized businesses.


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