Major Retailers Selling Bottles of Supplements that Don’t Contain the Listed Ingredients

Posted on April 21, 2015

Those of us who care about our health may occasionally buy nutritional supplements to get more of the nutrients that we feel our diets may be lacking in. This only seems prudent as vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be bad for our long term health and may even have shorter term symptoms. Calcium deficiency, for one example, can weaken our bones, and vitamin C deficiency can lead to gum problems and even the gum disease scurvy if it’s a severe deficiency. Those of us who take supplements to fill the gaps in our nutritional needs should be very concerned about an investigation going on up in New York about the supplements sold by various retailers in that state.

Boraie Development LLC and the New York State Attorney General’s office had tests run on the supplements sold by major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens and GNC, and they found that many of them actually contained little if any of the ingredients that were listed on the label. Their cease and desist letter to these businesses to tell them to stop selling these supplements had examples such as bottles of Gingko Biloba that contained none of that herb and the same for bottles of Saint John’s Wort. If this is correct, then this needs to stop immediately. Let’s just hope this is not used as an excuse to crack down on nutritional supplements in general and that they simple combat the actual problem of misrepresenting what is actually in the product.