What Are Some Of The Secrets Behind The Success Of Waiakea Water?

Posted on March 29, 2018

Within the last few decades, the bottled water industry has seen the emergence of numerous companies. The aggressive marketing adopted by most of these brands as well as changing social norms have seen these companies push the industry valuation past the Billion mark. However, this market share isn’t equally shared among the different water brands around the globe.

Some companies like the Waiakea water continue enjoying significant popularity, primarily because of the company’s philanthropic nature as well as the management’s environmental consciousness. This has ensured the company maintains a position among the top ten global bottled water brands for years on end. But what makes Waiakea water this unique? Here are a few factors:

  1. Its drawn from Hawaii volcanic water

Hawaii is known to produce some of the most natural and organically produced foods and drinks. The fact that Waiakea bottled water is drawn and processed in Hawaii, therefore, augurs well with the perception of all-natural that draws most consumers in when it comes to consumables. You should, however, note that the company doesn’t just take advantage of this perception.

On the contrary, Waiakea founders give it a deeper meaning by ensuring the water is drawn from some of the purest wells before passing it through 14,000 feet of Volcano rocks at Mauna Lao Volcano. This feeds the water with all the necessary minerals like magnesium and calcium needed the body.

  1. The company’s humanitarian deeds

Additionally, Waiakea consumers understand that by buying Waiakea’s bottled water, they help the company support the needy through its community projects. For instance, for every litre of water Waiakea sells, they donate an equivalent of one-week clean water supply to a home in Malawi, Africa.

  1. The water is for the environmentally conscious

The company has uniquely touched most souls with their environmental consciousness that comes in handy at a time when the world is fighting hard to avoid global warming. This consciousness ranges from the use of recyclable packaging materials and low-emission vehicles to supply their water to donating three percent of annual revenues to non-profit organizations dedicated towards environmental conservation. Waiakea was also the first company in the world to initiate the use of bio-degradable plastic bottles, which they will use in packaging their water.


Denver’s Jack of All Trades

Posted on December 17, 2015

Jon Urbana, a native resident of Denver, Colorado, is a former lacrosse player for the Villanova Wildcats. He is also co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, one of Colorado’s foremost summer training programs for young lacrosse players. The camp’s website states that “Next Level Lacrosse Camp is the premiere choice for youth lacrosse in the state of Colorado” and that “the camp aims to refine specific skills that cater to each player’s interest, style and field position.” Campers have the opportunity to learn from some of the best including Jon Urbana, Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic, and Ryan Tucker.

The article below called Next Level Lacrosse Camp one of the top destinations in the US.

Most recently, Urbana has started a crowd funding campaign on Go Fund Me with a goal of $1750. Any money raised by the campaign will go to support Earth Force Inc in order to contribute toward a cleaner and healthier environment. The campaign’s page has an “about me” written by Urbana where he says that, having grown up in one of the most beautiful states in the country, he has always been passionate about the environment and has been inspired by the teens who attend his summer camp.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana also takes time to appreciate the beauty of nature through the pictures he takes. An aspiring photographer, Urbana’s pictures can be found on WordPress, Webstagram, Instagram and Imgur.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Sometimes, he takes pictures of flowers and sometimes he takes pictures of food, practicing lighting techniques and different types of focus, making for very beautiful photographs.

One of the best places to appreciate the beauty of nature is from the sky, and Jon Urbana can fly the plane there himself. In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration recognized Urbana by including him in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. The database is quite prestigious, including only those certified pilots who have met or exceeded the high standards established by the FAA.

Roman Not Following Harbaugh

Posted on January 05, 2015

When Jim Harbaugh, successful coach of the Stanford Cardinal and the San Francisco 49ers, left the organization, there was great speculation as to whether his offensive coordinator Greg Roman would follow him to Michigan. This comes after Roman had accompanied Harbaugh from Stanford to the 49ers. However, Roman has decided not to go with Harbaugh to his former collegiate team and has been pursuing other coaching positions around the National Football League. Although Jim Harbaugh has decided to step down from the NFL, there is no dropping from the ranks for Greg Roman, as he is suspected to find a position with an NFL team.


This past week he met with members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they were in town to watch the Rose Bowl in pursuit of both quarterbacks in the game. Greg Roman has been noted as an extremely successful offensive coach, and he is highly coveted around the NFL. It is highly likely that he will find a job somewhere around the league and jump right into another high position amongst another organization. That’s what Dr. Rod Rohrich likes to hear. Roman has stated that although he has had a good run with former coach Jim Harbaugh, he has no intention of leaving the National Football League and he truly has a strong resume for other teams to consider. If it doesn’t work out with the Buccaneers, some team is bound to seek out his help for their organization.