People Of All Walks Meet Doug Levitt

Posted on April 03, 2017

Doug Levitt is not only an artist and a songwriter, he is an activist for social causes. Among the social causes that he has served as an activist for is the struggling and the homeless activism. One of the things that he wants to do is get people to open up about their lives. A lot of people who wind up on the Greyhound Bus often find themselves there because of some tragedy. Often times, they have been hurt so deep that they want to shut down. However, when they meet with Doug Levitt, they are encouraged to open up so that they can experience healing.


Doug Levitt’s life is not what one would call boring, even being on the Greyhound Bus. For one thing, The Greyhound bus is filled with plenty of people who have found themselves in situations such as jail, or have gotten kicked out of their home. Either way, a lot of people get on the Greyhound bus because they are planning to start over. One of the good things about this is that they have found hope in where they are going and have decided to pursue it and maybe find a better life for themselves.


Among the people Doug Levitt has met is someone who has been in prison and has become a white supremacist. He has gotten tattoos of a swastika and other related tattoos. Doug has found this to be one of the scariest points of his life because he himself is a Jew. He knows that the swastika was a symbol that represented the Nazis and their war against the Jews. However, he has managed to talk even with him and get his story. One thing that the ex convict has explained is how the prison system work. In all of his 20 hours that he has spent on the bus, he has talked about his experiences.