The Woes of Robin Thicke

Posted on July 02, 2015

Robin Thicke is a household name now. The “Blurred Lines” song helped him shoot to stardom in a way that people could not believe. He would soar with the song and fall harder later. This one song would be the career and life definition track that caused a lot of grief for Thicke.

Robin still contends that he was inspired by Marvin Gaye, but he did not steal his music. It doesn’t matter though, according to Keith Mann. The judge has already ruled, and he has decided that this was a clear cut case of copyright infringement. It was unfortunate for Thicke because this will forever be his legacy. He has had hits before the “Blurred Lines” song, but it is not likely that there will be another hit after this. That makes this track – along with the court ruling – the spotlight that Thicke will remain in. He has become someone that also lost the love of his life during a foolish time when the song became a hit.

It was as if Robin wrote a song about “Blurred Lines” and the title transformed into someone that would become his own life. It is the art imitating life cliche that he fell so deeply into. This has made it difficult for him to thrive. Thicke has become someone that is not really in place to make a comeback now. He still needs more time to reinvent himself.