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Posted on February 08, 2017

Did you know that lung disease kills more people than car accidents in the US alone? Rated as the third deadliest disease, it afflicts more than 10 million reported cases, the higher number being women. According to, more unreported people lead a low quality of life; suffer life disability, and ultimately early death, as it has no known direct cure.

Lung disease refers to damage to the lungs that make it difficult to supply sufficient air required by the body for normal function. In most instances, better lifestyle and healthier nutrition are recommended as a standard for managing the condition.

Leaps in technology have enabled specialists to come up with alternative ways of combating lung disease by use of regenerative medicine programs such as stem cell therapy for lungs. Stem cell therapy involves the use of regenerative cell materials harvested from the body.

These are concentrated to elevate levels of desirable growth factors and then re-introduced back into the body to help the ailing part recover more quickly by accelerating the body’s natural healing response in a simple short outpatient procedure. An excellent way to repair injured and damaged tissue.

The Lung Institute is a top class research institution focused on using stem cells in regenerative medicine to create safe and dependable solutions to lung disease with several treatment options available. With an easy to use presence at, log in for breathtaking advances in stem cell therapy for lung disease.

Lung disease is hard to diagnose, and most sufferers go through life without knowing it. Lung Institute has a simple-to-use website where you can obtain information on standard care, treatment processes and available options, safety improvements in stem cell therapy use and more importantly, how to get a proper diagnosis.

You can fill out a form on the website and get a free online consultation or call their numbers to schedule one fast and easy and get a response within a day. Great testimonials and expert interactions make you feel in the right place. Go ahead, log in and discover the path to fewer ailments, and a fuller, livelier and healthier life. Also check us out on

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