Sam Boraie, Spearheading Growth in New Brunswick

Posted on May 16, 2017

New Brunswick is the latest talk in Jersey, with great buildings, ongoing structural projects and not to forget the rapid economic growth. A huge part of New Brunswick achievements can be credited to Sam Borai and the Boraie Development LLC. Sam Boraie is a real estate entrepreneur and an active philanthropist whose great work in development of New Brunswick is a true testimony of his compassion for the greater good of the people. He is the current seating vice president of the Boraie Development, a company that was founded by his father Omar Boraie. LLC has made key contributions in Brunswick.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the Boraie Development has expanded its business to not only cater to the New Brunswick but also the larger Newark region and Atlantic City. With at least 73 years of experience Sam Boraie oversees that all projects go as planned and maintains a healthy relationship between him and his workers. Development being a top priority at the firm, he is quick to oversee that any arising issue is quickly attended to and resolved. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Boraie Development understands the need to preserve the town’s culture and as a result, a state theater was established courtesy of the firm. This was a major landmark in Brunswick and the residents can now enjoy cultural events at the theater. Sam Boraie sits at the Board of Trustees and he has been instrumental in key decision towards culture preservation.

His philanthropic initiatives include the Elijah’s Promise Organization. This is a food program that feeds the underprivileged residents in News Brunswick. The Elijah’s Promise is also at the forefront in introducing community development programs aimed at reducing the rate of unemployment. Sam Boraie and LLC have made tremendous impact in New Brunswick. They have continued their father’s legacy and improved on his initiatives. Their entrepreneurial and noble initiatives will impact many generations to come.

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