Want to Be a Rap Star? Raekwon Will Review Your Tape!

Posted on March 10, 2015

Aspiring rap and hip-hop artists, take notice! Fans at Anastasia Date have heard that rap star Raekwon announced that he will review tapes submitted by potential up and coming artists. Visit Anastasia Date on Twitter.

The catch is, that like most musical endeavors, a little bit of money is involved.

“Those who donate $200 toward funding ‘The Purple Tape Files’ can submit a mixtape and I will review it personally,” Rae announced, via the project’s fan page. ‘The Purple Tape Files’ is a documentary surrounding the creation of the rapper’s album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.” The album and documentary feature fellow rapper, Ghostface Killah.

“After I review the tracks, I’ll help bring some of the favorite artists into the studio,” Rae continued.

‘The Purple Tape Files’ is a crowdfunded project.

The fundraising efforts has a tiered reward system. Those who pledge funds to the project can receive something simple, such as stickers, or for the right price backers can spend a day with Raekwon.