Haircare Fanatic Tries Out WEN by Chaz Product

Posted on March 07, 2016


In an article recently published on Bustle, Emily McClure describes her experiences trying out WEN by Chaz Dean, a popular line of haircare products. McClure is a self-described diehard haircare fanatic, beauty blogger and fashion addict.

She watched WEN infomercials and was intrigued. Did it really work as claimed? She wanted to try. Maybe it would turn her thin hair into locks worthy of appearing on television too.

She points out Wen Cleansing Conditioners are a combination of styling treatment, shampoo and conditioner, all in one product, and WEN carries different formulations to use on different types of hair. McClure chose Fig because her hair is fine. It promised to moisturize her hair, making it fuller and shinier.

McClure started her experiment when her hair was dry and untamed after a hard day of traveling. She became worried when she read the bottle’s label and realized Wen recommended applying a lot more than a normal shampoo product would, at least 10 pumps, which is a handful. Once in the shower, she applied it all over her hair, rubbing it into her scalp out to the ends of every strand of hair.

She let it stay on for a few minutes, then rinsed. She admits on facebook her hair immediately felt thicker, and fewer strands fell out during the shower. After blowing her hair dry, it did look better, shinier.

In the morning, however, her hair felt greasy. As the week continued, she noticed that was a pattern. To make her hair feel and look great during the day, she had to shower and shampoo in the morning. Using WEN every day made her hair look wonderful, but she could not skip a day between washes or it would feel greasy again.

WEN by Chaz Dean’s amazon website says the Cleansing Conditioner is five products in one. Besides a shampoo and conditioner, it contains a deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. It cleans hair without the usual lather or any of the harsh sulfates in regular commercial shampoo. Therefore, it does not remove the hair’s natural oils. That means the hair remains manageable, moisturized and stronger.