Facts You Should Know About John Textor And Pulse Evolution

Posted on September 15, 2015

BusinessWire shows that Pulse Evolution is not a new name in the entertainment industry. It is a pioneer brand in matters related to developing hyper-realistic digital humans that are used in virtual reality, holographic live performances, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. As of December 2014, the company filed its fiscal results and wanted to file additional reports for the remaining financial year including an S-1 registration statement that it is connected to an underwritten public offering as well as an up listing to the national stock exchange.

The company’s Executive Chairman stated that the company was extremely pleased with the technology and business outcomes of its earlier development stages. He also pointed out that the company was quick to establish itself as an early leader in all issues related to the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans that are used in a variety of entertainment applications. He attributes the company’s success to the heavy investment from strategic investment partners.

A big portion of the company’s operating expenses go towards the development of digital likeness assets, entertainment properties and technologies that are related to the revenue share agreements with the estates of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. The company also devotes a big chunk of its resources towards the developing software strategies and relationships to aid in better development of digital humans to be used in different fields like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Pulse Evolution was also listed on the OTC Markets to pave way for a better security with its European Depository Receipts that were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2014. The same enabled the company to raise not less than $15 million.

John Textor is the Pulse Evolution Executive Chairman. He is not a new name in the entertainment circles and has previously led productions for several big names. He is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate From the Wesleyan University. He was a co-founder in Wyndcrest Holdings that is a private equity firm based in Florida that focuses on entertainment and telecommunication.

He has also served in other different companies in leadership roles including Sim Snowboards as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as well as Lydian Trust Company where he was the Founding Director. He has also been Chairman at Digital Domain and was very instrumental in leading the company acquire and reconstruct Digital Domain into Digital Media Group. The two companies were also involved in doing visual effects for not less than 80 large scale feature firms.