Market America CEO Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Posted on August 12, 2017

At the headquarter laboratories of the Seattle Genetics there are human antibodies laying everywhere in various stages of being studied, manipulated, and ultimately packed into drugs. This has been happening here since 1998 when the laboratories opened. These little antibodies look like they are being built from little mini Legos or blocks of what are actually found in the body. The Seattle Genetics company boasts a market value of about $10 billion and a roster of 900 employees and they are already the largest biotech company in the state of Washington. The company has developed the landmark drug that brought them to notoriety is Adcetris. The company is emerging as a global oncological multi product company that has a desire to build more drugs in the future that will continue to help more and more people. The company spent their $376 million on research last year which is up 64% from 2014 alone and that plan is to keep boosting that into the future.

Clay Siegall is the Founder and President of the Seattle Genetics company in Washington state. Dr. Siegall founded the company in 1988. Under his leadership, the Seattle Genetics company has built a diverse paraphernalia of various medications and several including Adcetris have been granted approval by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Through capital-raising activities, the Seattle Genetics company has secured more than $675 million throughout both public and private means including the company’s public offering in 2001. Prior to his time starting Seattle Genetics Siegall also worked with other institutions like the National Cancer Institute or the National Institutes of Health. He also has helped write over 70 publications and holds 15 different patents. He also has received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a BS degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland.