Posted on April 20, 2018

The touch of a finger is all it takes today to be able to buy almost anything. Never in history have we been able to so easily buy food, clothes, stocks, pay bills and the like. With this being the case, often we find hesitation prior to entering our information. We ask ourselves, is this safe? Let’s look at how we can better protect ourselves in these situations.

PSI Pay, a company in the U.K., knows first hand that security is of the utmost importance. They have introduced a unique product that gives added value to your purchasing security via a ring, where you wave over, just like a credit card, and purchase through it’s system. PSI Pay has built in protection using NFC and RFID technology. Back this up with being able to turn the ring on and off, you have a multi tiered solution ready to use.

PSI Pay offers contactless payments which uses credit, debit or smartcards to make purchases securely and safely, while at the same time being dynamically quick. Retail settings is where PSI Pays product really shines. There is no more digging in your purse or wallet, counting cash or taking out your credit or debit card having to enter a pin or code. Now you can, at your literal fingertip, quickly, conveniently, and most of all securely, make purchases.

When you are online shopping you also have a PSI Pay card you can use offering the same security. PSI Pay calls there system, “Ecurity”. When using their contactless payments they can only be used within a certain distance and only for certain amounts. This is defined by what your bank allows and can vary.

Be sure to use a multi faceted approach to your security. Only shop from familiar websites you know can be important. Look for the lock symbol in the website bar. Simple approaches combined with PSI Pay solutions will offer that security. There is zero liability if unauthorized purchases are made with there product as well. How about that for standing behind their product! Regardless of what you do, make sure you are taking the correct steps and using an option like PSI Pay when doing so.

Read about PSI Pay’s company model:—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data