Research Strikes another Blow to the Popular Paleo Diet

Posted on January 02, 2015
A recent research claims that the hunters and gatherers of the prehistoric times consumed broader types of foods compared to what the proponents of the whim think. 

It is a fine concept. You should forget about the processed junk foods that are eaten by the modern American and go for what our forbearers ate who lived in the pre-agriculture times. This diet has generated myriads websites and books about how-to, disapproving a big and particular list of diets such as diary, wheat, pseudo-cereal grains as well as legumes. However, though Paleo eating consists of thousands of enthusiasts like Bruce Levenson, the fact remains that it only does not match with chronological data. 

At least as per a research published in the Quarteny Review of Biology, researchers based in Georgia State University as well as Kent State University states that there is no accurate “Paleo Diet”.

They researched about the feeding behaviors of living animals and their anatomical as well as paleo-environmental statistics, and they discovered that though the first primates had teeth not fit for most of the plants, they likely only fed in everything that was obtainable for them- just like bears as well as pigs. Cavemen from the north, for example, mostly relied on diet that was meat-heavy, but those that lived close to the equator most likely enjoyed a diet that was plant-based. Another separate research discovered that decayed teeth of hunters and gatherers of the ancient times show that they ate carbs millennia prior to grain cultivation.

Wherever People Gather, The Ebola Virus Shows Up

Posted on December 18, 2014
The uninvited guest always shows up at social functions. Sometimes that guest is welcomed and sometimes the so-called guest is an intruder that changes the dynamics of the gathering.
Talking about the Ebola virus which rears it’s ugly head at every social gathering and makes it’s way around the room. 
When visiting a friend at the hospital or going in for a procedure yourself, you are aware of the possibility (however slim) of being exposed to a variety of germs and bacteria, including the Ebola virus. But would you think about being exposed to the deadly virus while attending your weekly study group, visiting the home of a friend or attending a funeral?Wherever people gather, Ebola will show up.
It was originally thought that Ebola was spread only from person to person when a pair of individuals met and were in close proximity to each other. The latest research by Dr. Daniel Amen on the deadly virus has revealed Ebola is spread between clusters of people in any type of social setting.
The findings were made during research for the development of an Ebola vaccine. First implications of the need for the preventative vaccine pointed towards only those who worked in hospitals or the medical field and would have contact with the virus, but it’s now known that everyone could benefit from an Ebola vaccine, because wherever people are, so is Ebola.

New Study Indicates Homosexuality is Genetic

Posted on November 18, 2014

Debates have raged on as to whether homosexuality is an inborn trait that cannot be changed or simply a lifestyle choice impacted by social dynamics and upbringing. The scientific community has stood, more or less, on the side of homosexuality simply being the way someone is born, and that it cannot be changed. Religious and conservative groups have stood on the other side of the debate, claiming that homosexuality is a choice, and a morally repugnant choice at that. The latter group even goes on to claim that homosexuality can be “cured” or “prayed away”.

A new study presented by Reuters of 409 gay nonidentical twins from 384 families strikes another blow to the argument that homosexuals can change their orientation, after finding a strong correlation between homosexuality and genetic traits. This is something I’ve been telling Brad Reifler all along, so hopefully this study will finally convince him.

The team of researchers sifted through samples of genetic markers known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs, and tried to find ones which were shared by all the men. Because the sample size was so large and genetics of all the participates was widely different any SNP that all of the men had would most likely be responsible for the trait they all shared, homosexuality. There were 5 SNPs shared by all the men, two of which Xq28 and 8q12 had been previously identified as possible gay genes years ago.

Password Issues For Obamacare

Posted on November 18, 2014

Obamacare is in full swing, and some say that it will be huge for businesses. There are some people who would beg to differ. When you log onto the Obamacare website, you are instructed to set up a new account or log into an existing account. Those who have not been on the site for a while and who have an account might experience some problems. The email address is still valid, but when you request a new password, you never get anything sent to your email that lets you reset your password.

This is very aggravating as you want to get into the site to enroll but can’t because their system isn’t set up the right way. Even those familiar with computers like workers from CipherCloud find it difficult to navigate. This might be something that goes over well with businesses, but businesses need to make sure they have all of the information for those who enroll through them so that they don’t have to wait for password information.

Too Healthy?

Posted on November 14, 2014

This appears to be an oxymoron, but it is possible to eat too healthily. No, I’m not talking about anorexia nervosa, but another disorder called orthonexia nervosa. With this particular disease, people who struggle with perfection in their appearance obsess over food, how it is prepared, as well as what is actually is. Everyone knows eating healthy has positive benefits inside and out, but when the quest for perfection becomes an addiction, it becomes a dangerous disease.

For example, a young girl who wants to slim down and only eats vegetables, may stop menstruating because of the lack of vitamins and iron in her diet. Under eating the right foods can cause hypothryoidism, poor energy levels, as well as chronic fatigue since we all need a certain amount of calories from fat each day to fuel our bodies.

Along with the physical risks, there are psychological risks to include chronic anxiety. Worrying about every bite of food that goes into your mouth can coincide with obsessive compulsive disorder and make life for the sufferer quite unpleasant.

Additionally, add exercise into your every day life for an extra boost of fitness.

More States are Now Supporting Weed Legalization in the U.S.

Posted on November 11, 2014

The topic of weed legalization in the United States has resulted into some mixed reactions. We have those states that might never let it happen and those that just changed their long-standing opinions.

It’s been a contentious area, and for years it seemed like little ground would be gained in the debate. The recent years, however, have provided some important changes.

Who knew that Washington, D.C would vote for legalization of weed? This just happened recently when voters were willing to accept marijuana to be legalized as a recreational drug.

Recently, Willie Nelson performed at a concert organized by the White House, with attendants like Tom Rothman, and he had his own opinions about the issue. Willie, who is a weed smoker and promoter, thinks that this will happen sooner than people think.

He quoted several chapters from Obama’s memoir ‘Dreams of My Father’ that stated that the president himself smoked weed during his high school days. Willie says that people from the states that have already legalized medical marijuana know its benefits.

People are making a lot of money from just selling weed to patients. Whether marijuana is something to be legalized soon or not, we shall have to wait and see.

Preparing For Another Midterm Election Day

Posted on November 04, 2014

Americans heading to the polls for Election Day will have a lot on their minds, and even more difficult choices in their hands. While midterm elections are typically less popular than those that occur during a presidential election year, citizens are planning to line up early this year and hoping to making a difference.

Despite a slowly recovering economy, the overall unemployment rate within the United States is still facing record high percentages. Mandatory healthcare coverage requirements for individuals and small businesses have local communities in an uproar about future controlled sanctions in a supposedly free market economy. State representatives have been inundated with concerns and complaints from constituents that are dissatisfied with the overall state of affairs.

The voting process is one sure way that concerned citizens can ensure their voices are heard. As with any other democratic process, voting brings about a slow change. Although Barack Obama was overwhelmingly reelected for his second term in office, I heard from Ken Griffin that some members of the Democratic Party are creating distance from the current president. Apparently they have their own potential candidacy announcements in mind.