North American Spine and the AccuraScope Procedure

Posted on January 20, 2015

North American Spine is celebrating its sixth anniversary of being able to help people with their chronic, lower back problems. Located in Dallas, Texas, North American Spine has been able to do a procedure called AccuraScope, which is a considered a very minor form of minimal invasive surgery for low back problems. This type of surgery can save a patient thousands of dollars in doctor’s bills for doctor’s bills, medication, and therapy, it saves them from spending thousands on sometimes extensive back surgery and up to 6 months of recuperating time. They have performed 8,000 of these surgeries in the last six years. They are very proud to say that they have helped people with excruciating back pain reduce that pain to little to no pain in one day.

Up until this form of surgery was made available, patients only other alternative was major back surgery and we all know that in these busy times, that is not a very probable answer. These doctors are not only board certified, but have been trained specifically for this type of problem of intervening with all types of back pain. Their surgery has an 82% success rate with their patients and they have been able to help them, because of this surgery, for long periods of time with pain relief, if not indefinitely.

This surgery is done using diagnostic tools and a High Definition camera to find the different areas problems in the lower back and treat those problem areas. This surgery, which can be done in the doctor’s office, usually takes less than an hour.
One of their most famous patients, Larry Gatlin, is the famous Country and Western singer from the band the Gatlin brothers. He came to them after having consistent leg pain for 47 years. He needed pain relief and did not want to have to have major back surgery. Thanks to the doctors at North American Spine, and their AccuraScope procedure, his chronic leg pain has been reduced to minor soreness, and he is very happy with the results.

If you have major back pain, and all the other symptoms that go with that and don’t want to have to do major back surgery, give North American Spine a call and find out more about what they can do for you. They are just a phone call away from taking all of all of your back pain problems away. Give them a call.

For more information visit their official website here.