Securus Technologies Prevented My Car From Being Stolen

Posted on January 28, 2017

I need to take the time out to write and thank Securus Technology for their help. Because of the Securus Technology system they have in the jails, they were able to track a plan to have my car stolen from me. I come to the jail to see my nephew once a month. I have a nice car and always get compliments wherever I go. Even when I come for my monthly visit, my car stands out and is noticed. I am careful not to give out too much information because I get so much attention about the car.I had an alarm placed on my car for safety reasons. The last time I visited my nephew, I was asked to come to a special room. At first, I thought they were going to tell me something about my nephew. But what they told me really startled me. I was told by the authorities that months prior to that visit, I was the target of a car-jacking plan. Evidently, some of the visitors that were there to see their own family members admired my car. They actually began to talk about my car with the inmate and related to them how bad they wanted my car, even to the point of taking it from me. And their family member that was an inmate wasn’t even trying to stop them. But thanks to Securus Technologies, the call was overheard and I was alerted to their plan to take my car by force.Of course, I never will drive my good car up to see my nephew again. I will get a friend to bring me in another car. I am so grateful for Securus Technologies for stopping that terrible tragedy for entering my life. If you hadn’t helped me, I would be without a car.