George Soros Speaks Out About Donald Trump’s Presidential Run

Posted on February 01, 2016

The new year will see the American electorate vote in a new president. Before election day, many American voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate to represent them in the general election. The primary system in the US is one that many people choose to participate in so that they can pick their party’s nomination for president. On the Democratic side, many people think Hillary Clinton will the nomination. It is not as clear on the Republican side. Many observers expect the race for the nomination to be between Ted Cruz and upstart candidate businessman Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a highly visible businessman but he has never run for any public office before. Trump’s candidacy has attracted a great deal of notice both by observers at home and those abroad. One person who has chosen to speak his mind on Forbes about Trump’s decision is George Soros. Like Trump, Soros has made a great deal of money in the market but has not run for office before. Unlike Trump, Soros has deep ties to both the United States and Europe. In his opinion, Trump’s statements about many issues of foreign policy have been poorly thought out and not accurate. He believes that Trump’s statements about possible migration to the United States from majority Muslim nations have not been a good idea. Trump has proposed that Americans limit or even bar migration to the United States altogether. He has suggested that, at the very least, Americans carefully examine any potential Muslim migrant very closely.

George Soros does not agree with Trump on this matter. In his opinion, Trump’s suggestions are not a good idea. In a recent economics forum, Soros spoke out to viewers about his views on Trump’s candidacy as well as multiple other issues. He touched on points about both Europe and the US as well as the situation in Syria right now. He feels that Americans need leaders who have the courage to speak out in ways that will help settled the situation over in Syria, a situation that has gotten worse in the last few months.

The result of the Syrian governmental breakdown has been massive migration from the region to European nations. Many European leaders have been undecided as to how best to handle the situation. Soros believes that the best response to the migration crisis is one that takes multiple factors into account and looks for ways to help stabilize the situation over there. In his viewpoint, leaders around the world today need to take into account the best ways to help provide leadership and offer a response to the situation that will be best for all concerned including Europeans, Syrians and American nationals.